9 Photos of funny animals with an itch to scratch

It doesn't matter who—or what—you are, sometimes you just have to stop and scratch. 

An itchy ass

Itchy donkey  
Image via Funny-Animal-Pictures



His itch is sending him quackers

itchy duck
Image via Paper Blog


This scratch gets a seal of approval

Itchy seal
Image via The Nature Animal



Scratch some moo-re

Itchy cow



Your car is irrelephant

itchy elephant
Image via YouTube



It's driving him bananas

itchy monkey
Image via YouTube


Oh deer…

itchy deer
Image via Reddit


A beary good scratch

itchy bear
Image via Distractify


The ninth animal in this article was a Slow Loris, the cute critter with huge eyes. Then we saw this video, that explained why tickling Slow Loris' is not a good idea...