60 Second Stand-Up: Tiff Stevenson


1st Jan 2015 Humour

60 Second Stand-Up: Tiff Stevenson

Take a minute out for a laugh. Comedian Tiff Stevenson answers some quick questions about jokes, inspiration, and comedy flops.

What's your favourite of your own jokes?

If you have bingo wings like I do, just wait until you’re in a car travelling over 50 miles an hour. Stick your arm out the window. You’ll laugh for five minutes—then you’ll cry for a year.


Have you found any parts of the country to be funnier than others?

Anywhere that’s a city with a strong identity. Then you can go somewhere like Nantwich and they hate you. 


What's your most memorable heckle experience?

Someone left me Ferrero Rocher on stage with a note asking me out. I didn’t go out with them—I ate the Ferrero Rocher though.  


Any funny tales about a time you bombed on stage?

I once had an awful gig where I didn’t even say hello when I walked on stage. It was in Nantwich. 


What's your favourite one-liner?

A Simon Munnery one: “Socrates said the unexamined life isn’t worth living. I always think, How does he know?”


Who's your comedy inspiration?

My mum. We’re very different. 


If you were a fly on a wall, whose wall would you be on?

A Hollywood producer. I reckon you’d see some stuff.    


If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I already do. I consider myself to be Sarcasm Girl. I’d turn up at the scene of a crime and do a slow hand clap.


Tiff Stevenson will perform her critically-acclaimed stand-up show Mad Man from 22nd January to 23rd April. 


Tiff Stevenson performs for NHS staff (contains some strong language):