60 Second stand–up: Sara Pascoe


1st Jan 2015 Humour

60 Second stand–up: Sara Pascoe

We caught up with the laugh-inducing comedian, author and actress Sara Pascoe, star of Campus, Twenty Twelve and W1A, for 60 seconds of laugh filled stand-up. 

What's the best part of your current tour or set?

I tell a story that I pretend is from the apocryphal Bible about when Moses goes to Paris.


Have you found any parts of the country to be funnier than others?

There’s a wonderful sense of humour in Essex. People tend to use comedy to deflate other people, so you’re not allowed to get up yourself. 


Do you have any funny tales about a time you bombed on stage?

I’ve been in pubs that don’t have microphones, so I’ve had to stand right next to people’s tables when they’re having a drink in their local. They don’t know it’s meant to be happening, so they just talk louder. 


Listen to our interview with Sara Pascoe:


What's your most memorable heckle experience?

I once got called the c-word by a man dressed as a bottle of ketchup.  


What's your favourite one liner?

Milton Jones: “I discovered DNA. I wasn’t going to call it that, but when I went to the conference I said, ‘I’ve mapped the human genome, D-NA!’ ” 


If you were a fly on a wall, whose wall would you be on?

Oooh. It would have to be the Houses of Parliament canteen, to see who’s actually friends with whom.


If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Tiny time hops, just so I could not have said something, or not have got as drunk the night before.