60-Second stand-up: Keiran Hodgson

60-Second stand-up:  Keiran Hodgson

We giggle with energetic comedian, Kieran Hodgson

What’s the best part of your current show?

My Howard Wilson impression. I do a bit where he and other Labour politicians from the 1970s are dancing around like the gangs in West Side Story and that is a lot of fun to do. It’s quite a weird moment for the audience as well.


Who inspires your comedy?

A lot of character comedians and sketch artists such as The League Of Gentlemen and Harry Enfield. With stand-up, I like Eddie Izzard, he’s someone who’s happy to talk about in-depth subjects such as European history. It made me think that I could do comedy like that if I wanted.


Do you have any funny tales about a time you bombed on stage?

I did a show about Lance Armstrong to an audience of people who worked in the cycling industry and I don’t think they liked it—it was a full hour of silence. After about half an hour I realised there was no turning back and then it just became quite funny to me.


What’s your favourite one liner?

There’s an old Les Dawson gag where he says, “I went to the doctor’s and asked, ‘What have you got for wind?’ He gave me a kite.”


Which super power would you have?

Just to run around the rooftops like on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, it looked like they were having a whale of a time—it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do as a superpower.


Do you find any parts of the country to be funnier than others?

I’m a Yorkshire man so I draw all of my inspiration from growing up there and the people I met and grew up with. They remain the funniest for me, but I’ve recently been working in Scotland on a sitcom and there’s a great deal of Glaswegian wit I’ve been enjoying as well.

Kieran Hodgson is touring nationwide from March 8-May 28. For information and tickets go to kieranhodgson-tour.com