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60-Second stand-up: Felicity Ward

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60-Second stand-up: Felicity Ward
We spent 60 laugh-filled seconds with awesome Aussie comedian, Felicity Ward, who gives us a marvellous minute of stand-up comedy

What’s the best part of your current set?

At the moment, I think it’s that I don’t have a theme, meaning or lesson so it’s just an hour of jokes. I don’t need to get many people on my side I just need to get them to laugh at me.

Who inspires your comedy?

Maria Bamford is the person who really inspired me. Adam Hills introduced me and then I went on YouTube, watched everything she had done and went, “Oh, I should stop comedy because everything I didn’t even know I wanted to do has been done...” Unfortunately, I kept going.

What’s your favourite of your own jokes?

The definition of a slut is a woman who’s had sex with a lot of people, but that’s not a slut: that’s an expert.

Do you have any funny tales about a time you bombed on stage?

I was doing Late and Live in Edinburgh and someone heckled me by throwing a biscuit at me. But, to be fair, I was hungry so I just ate it.

Do you find any parts of the country to be funnier than others?

No, it definitely has something to do with the people. I love playing at all of The Stands, there’s one in Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow and I don’t know what it is about that place but the audience are just ready to laugh.

If you were a fly on the wall, whose wall would it be?

Stormy Daniels, I’d go back to her wall… Actually no, I don’t want to watch Donald Trump having sex. But I’d want to be a fly on her wall now while she’s doing negotiations with administration. What a baller, no pun intended.
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