60 Second stand up: Angie Le Mar

BY Anna Walker

1st Jan 2015 Humour

60 Second stand up: Angie Le Mar

We spent a minute with stand-up queen, Angie Le Mar, to hear about her humour, heckles and inspiration.

Have you found any parts of the country funnier than others?

Once in Edinburgh there were just two old white women in a 150-seater venue. I said, “If there’s anything you don’t get, stop me.” It was the longest show I’ve ever done.


What's your most memorable heckle experience?

Once when a group of students wouldn’t stop heckling me, I made one of the guys stand up. Then I said, “See, you’re just like a d**k—standing up for no reason.”


What's your favourite one-liner?

When I first started, interviewers would ask, “What’s it like being a black female comedian?” And I’d say, “Very different to when I was white.”


Image via Soho Theatre


Whose wall would you be a fly on?

Definitely the Obamas now they’re out of the White House. I’d love to get my hands on Michelle’s wardrobe.


Who's your inspiration?

In Hollywood everyone had light skin and European features. When I saw Whoopi Goldberg, who looked so un-Hollywood, and heard her material, I remember thinking, Wow, she’s talking about me!


If you could have a super power, what would it be?

To change minds. What with Brexit and Trump, I’d love to say, “This is what we’re all thinking now. We’ve moved on. We don’t do racism, we don’t do sexism, we just live.” That would be pretty spectacular.


Angie Le Mar’s memoir, Full Circle, is available now online and in all good book shops (Filament Publishing, £11.99).

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