60-Second stand-up: Alex Horne

60-Second stand-up: Alex Horne

We chuckle with self-professed former child, Alex Horne

What’s the best part of your current show?

The best part is the bit that’s unplanned. In The Horne Section it’s half rehearsed and half unrehearsed and I really enjoy the spontaneous bit.


Who inspires your comedy?

Everyone, I suppose—everything and everyone I’ve ever seen. When I was growing up it was Ken Dodd, and then Harry Hill and Bill Bailey carried on that trend of being more than just a person talking. They showed me that you can do an all-singing, all-dancing show that’s silly, family-friendly, and still grown up.


What’s your most memorable heckle?

I was doing a gig in a club called Up The Creek in Greenwich, when I was pretty inexperienced—it wasn’t going very well and people were chatting.

I asked them to, “give me a minute” and 200 people all started counting from one to sixty in unison. Then at the end of the minute I left the stage, it was a long heckle.


What’s your favourite one liner?

It isn’t mine, but when I was a kid I liked having a joke in my pocket that I could tell people: “My gran was very ill so she covered herself in butter.Unfortunately, after that, she went downhill very quickly.”


Do you find any parts of the country to be funnier than others?

When a place has its own character it can be so funny. I don’t think there’s one particular place in the country but the more isolated the better, for me.


What’s your favourite of your own jokes?

One joke that never goes down well—which I like—is, “My grandmother was recently beaten to death by my Grandad. Not with a stick… he died first.”


Taskmaster Series 8 airs May 8 at 9pm on Dave. The comedy band, The Horne Section are on a 36-date tour throughout the UK in 2019. Get tickets at thehornesection.com


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