5 times when pimped cars went horribly wrong


1st Jan 2015 Humour

5 times when pimped cars went horribly wrong

"Pimped" cars will always catch our eye when we see them driving down British roads. Although sometimes they look impressive with fancy paint jobs and flashy bumpers, there are times when they go truly, spectacularly wrong. Here are our top five worst ever pimped cars.

1. The cardboard cutout


We always applaud a little thinking outside the box when it comes to saving money, and there's no denying that pimping your ride doesn't come cheap; you simply have to cut corners here and there. Cardboard, though? Perhaps this car owner planned to paint over their cardboard spoiler and make it all blend in, or maybe they lived somewhere permanently hot and sunny and didn't need to worry about their modifications getting soggy in the rain. Yet even if both of these things were true, the fact is that this looks terrible. We can only hope that it was a joke...

2. The chrome-over


This Range Rover was given a chrome paint job and some insane chrome wheels, and although there's no doubt the car owner thought their ride would look really cool, we can only mark this down as a spectacular fail. Granted, it has an interesting sci-fi look and could possibly pass as a spaceship, but on a bright day, this car is simply going to blind people. Just think of all the road accidents caused by the glare. This car is dangerous - pure and simple!

3. The Hello Kitty overload


We're all for a little splash of feminine pink here and there, but this? It hurts our eyes. Surely nobody loves Hello Kitty enough to spend this much time, money and energy on pimping out their car's interior. Not only that, but it looks like the driver would barely be able to see out the windscreen with all the kitty figurines blocking the view. On a plus note, we do give points for dedication; that is a truly passionate Hello Kitty fan.

4. The one that melted


We can only hope that this car isn't actually on the roads. Surely it can't drive with its wheels at a 45 degree angle? How on earth can anybody see through the red gloop all over the windscreen? The front bumper is also so low that speed bumps would be simply impossible. This car looks like a boiled sweet that has been left out in the sun and started to melt in the heat. Plus one for originality, but minus 100 for practicality and aesthetics. Oh dear.

5. The wannabe monster truck


So monster trucks are cool, right? But unfortunately they come with a hefty price tag and an even bigger fuel bill. The solution? Just strap your regular little hatchback to some tractor wheels! Despite this pimped car looking a bit like a little girl trying on her mum's heels, we have to admit it looks like it could be super-fun to drive. Just give us a crash helmet and the keys and we'll be away!


Image header: Algefoto / Shutterstock.com

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