24 Terrifying things found on Google Maps

These terrifying screenshots are real moments discovered through Google Maps. You never know what you might find just strolling down the street!

Anyone who's ever been to Brighton will understand the fear of this approach

Scary seagull on Google Maps


Hitchcock's The Birds 

Hitchcock'c The Birds captured on Google maps


Still don't think birds are scary? How about now?

Pigeons are terrifying


A quick escape while the guards dog's asleep

Man in a boot caught on Google maps




Murder found on google maps


Scenes of levitating coke bottles on a run down estate

Agh! Coca-Cola launched at the street car


Toddler crime is on the increase

Increasing in toddler crime


Beware the happenings on a full moon

Man does a moony - and it's horrible



Creepy man in France


A real life faun!

A real Faun found near mayan pyramid



Tortured rabbit found on Google Maops



Alien chilling by the road side on Google maps



Lone baby outside Gucci


Zombies are rising. This tree was planted on an ancient business-man burial ground

Rise of the living business man


Post-apocalyptic scenes 

Post apocalyptic scenes on Google Maps



Car falls down roadside
Zombie apocalypse caught on Google Maps
Abandoned Scott's hut with blooded mirror on Google Maps


An escaped prisoner caught on Google Maps


Highway to hell caught on GoogleMaps


Masked figures on Google maps



Escaped Tiger caught on Google Maps
Bodies in bins on Google maps
Creepy house on Google Maps
Planet of the monkies



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