21 Family photos gone wrong


1st Jan 2015 Humour

21 Family photos gone wrong
Everyone loves a good family photo, especially when they go wrong. Here are 21 families who need to work on their group photos.

These shirts are just too exciting

Don't look at the light...I can't help it, it's.... too... beautiful

Bad dog!

Uncle James will be fine holding Junior...

"But I just want to swim..."

Oh they just love each other those two

Spot the missing belt

"Joseph! We told you before, no you can't go back there!"

Hahaha! This isn't scary at all

What's all this monkey business

#Pulloverload - That's pullover and overload.... oh nevermind

Leave them to it. They don’t look like that can be talked about 

Ah, every day is Easter with these two

An unfortunate coastal breeze

The dog seems to have spotted him at least

This is not fail, this is WIN

Get them off me!

Grandma! Get out of shot! I’ll take yours in a minute! 

Bad dog no.2

He's still with us in spirit 

Let's get one by the fire


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