21 Engineering geniuses who missed their calling

Mandi Goodier

This guy knows Jack about fixing doors

This engineer's a little wet behind the ears... 

...seriously, the girl who came up with this was 8 at the time genius struck

I might take a refreshing, delicious shower

Trust me, I'm an engineer!

It's a part of Mary Berry's new kitchen range...

It's about time you fixed that

That's got you out of a hairy situation

Take a seat! No, actually don't, we need it

This was a real window of opportunity

Now that is enlightening!

You lost the zapper again? This isn't even remotely funny...

I'd like to tap into that engineer's genius 

This builder must be a bit clingy

This one might leave you in a spot of hot water

Do you like my new laptop?

He likes his cars fast and his humour dry!

Keep it safe, keep it locked!

Hey, Le'go of me!

I knew it would come in handy one day

This is hygienius 

Looks like you've got a handle on the situation

Erm, try not to bottle it...

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