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15 Photos of people being startlingly stupid


1st Jan 2015 Humour

15 Photos of people being startlingly stupid
Stupid is as stupid does. But errors in judgement do make for good photos as the fifteen below prove. Prepare to cringe. 

This engineer doesn't know jack…

stupid car

And this driver clearly didn't use his crane-ium


Perfect parking


He's put his foot in it 


I think this barbecuer might have been trollied

meat trolley

These three are in for a shock…


A placard's worth a thousand words

get a brain

The winner took it all


Nature's little helper

car in rain

We've got an alcohol problem on our hands

stupid gif

The lights aren't on and nobody's home…

car headflight

On your bike!


The mistrust fall

stupid trust fall

That cake's a sight for saw eyes

russian birthday cake

And finally, proof humans aren't the only stupid ones:

silly dog
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