15 Animals who dressed up for Halloween

1. Dracula was always a prickly character

2. Harry Pawter and the Goblet of Fur

Image via Business to Community

3. Have you seen Chew-Barker?

4. That's not frie-tening!

Image via Pinterest

5. What a bony pony

Image via Pinterest

6. The cat in the Halloween hat

Image via World Buzz Hub

7. It's a pirate mew-tiny! 

8. Mutt-ini anyone?

Image via At Home Victoria

9. Beware the headless dogman

Image via The Hound Haus

10. There's something fishy about this costume…

Image via IMGUR

11. This means chihua-war!

12. Meme in real life

Image via Buttons the Shiba

13. Okay this one's freaking meowt

14. Grandma, what a long tail you have!

15. Live long and paws-pur

Bonus: Watch this adorable dachshund go trick or treating

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