10 Photos every third wheel will relate to


1st Jan 2015 Humour

10 Photos every third wheel will relate to

There's no worse feeling than playing gooseberry while your friends are all loved up. If you've ever played third wheel you'll be able to relate to these photos.

Image via Huffington Post

Being the third wheel can be rubbish...



Image via Buzzfeed

It's easy to get a little fed up. 



Image via Identity Mag

You're often left holding the fort 



Image via Reddit

While your friends are having loved-up fun.



Image via Fo Drizzle

At least you have a sense of humour about it...



3rd wheel
Image via Bored Panda

Like this patient man, who documented life as third wheel for over three years.



​Image via National Geographic

You have to admit, sometimes it's easy to feel left out. 



third wheeling
Image via Reddit

And sure, you do get frustrated. 



Image via Bark Post

But then you remember it could be worse. 



third wheel dog
Image via Reddit

...You could be a fourth wheel


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