10 Cute illustrations of depressing animal facts

Illustrator Brooke Barker has created an adorable series of cartoons focusing on the sadder side of the animal kingdom. If you're ever having a bad day, just remember, at least you don't line your home with feces…

1. They aren't kiwi-k to forget

kiwi sad fact


2. She's still whale-y beautiful to us

whale sad fact


3. This gives a new meaning to the term sh*thole…

lemur sad fact


3. Time flies when you're a bird

goldcrest sad fact


4. High jump is irr-elephant to them

elephant sad fact


5. Blob by name, blob by nature

blobfish sad fact


6. That's some seriously fast food

roadrunner sad fact


7. And you can't get them to stop crowing about it

crow sad fact


8. He's just trying to worm out of it

sad lizard fact


9. But he's still looking fly

moth sloth


10. We can't bear it anymore!



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