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How to throw a Halloween party for your dog

BY Liam Smith

10th Oct 2023 Inspire

3 min read

How to throw a Halloween party for your dog
Whether you're pet parent to a ghostly German Shepherd, or a frightening French bulldog, here's some tips to throw a Halloween party for your dog this spooky season
As we delve deeper into autumn, the mysterious urge to celebrate the spooky season casts its spell over humans and animals alike.
Our loyal four-legged friends deserve a taste of Halloween all their own. Organising a Halloween soiree for your beloved pets is not only an ode to the season but a surprisingly easy thing to do that’s a lot of fun!
Prepare to be bewitched by the party-planning powers of Aura Print who have unveiled their step-by-step guide, complete with paw-sitively thrilling details, for hosting a howlingly good Halloween ‘do tailored to your furry best friend this October.

Step one: Selecting the paw-fect setting

A bulldog in a Dracula costume
Select a paw-fect setting that aligns with the enchantment you seek. Opt for a space that is a blank canvas but lends itself to spooky creativity and easy transformation.
For those fortunate to have an expansive outdoor space to accommodate a merry band of furry companions, a few precautions should be considered. Ensure that the boundaries are fortified against any Houdini-like hounds, stow away tools and equipment, and provide ample water sources and cool shade to keep your pets safe and content.
If you don’t have a suitable outdoor space, don’t fret. Dog-friendly parks or indoor venues like cafes make fabulous alternatives. Many of these dog-friendly spaces are found throughout the UK, with some of the secure parks to consider listed here.

Step two: Crafting culinary delights

A sausage dog licking a pumpkin
Treats are undoubtedly the pinnacle of any puppy party! Picture a delightful treat bar adorned with an assortment of delectable dog-friendly tidbits and snacks, laid out like a lavish spread. Here, pet parents can play chef, even making up treat bags brimming with flavourful fancies for four-legged friends to save for later.
Some of these treats can be bought in certain bakeries and pet emporiums but the true magic of the season can unfurl in your kitchen. Why not delve into the treasure trove of recipes tailored to canine palates available online and make your own?
Social media platforms like TikTok have witnessed a surge in homemade doggy delicacies that have us wagging our tails with delight, including
Puppuccinos: 159.8 million TikTok views
Pupcakes: 12.6 million TikTok views
Pumpkindogtreats: 992.9K TikTik views
Pupcorn: 718.7k TikTok views
But remember, if you’re going homemade, always analyse the ingredients for safety. Additional details for foods that are safe or off-limits for our furry friends can be found here. Bone appetit!

Step three: Create entertainment

A French bulldog in a pumpkin costume
Dogs revel in companionship so why not sprinkle a dash of merriment into the mix? Set up entertainment stations throughout the party space, where pets can embark on their own “trick-or-treat” adventure, perhaps even performing tricks to unlock more treats!
Canine-safe competitions like apple bobbing (with dog-safe apples), a miniature obstacle course that puts their agility to the test, or a spirited treasure hunt for hidden doggy delights are a great addition to the event entertainment.
The good thing is that each game can be tailored to match each party-going pup’s age, size and energy levels too, meaning no one misses out on the fun!
Pet parents can also get involved in the revelry with a contest of their own—a showdown of tricks and talents where the winning pooch (or person) claims a coveted prize!

Step four: Creating the costume extravaganza

Two corgies in a witch and pumpkin costume
Creating a costume extravaganza for your furriest friends is another way to create treasured memories. Maximise the costume photo opportunities to create a collection of cherished snapshots you can revisit year after year—and show off on the ‘gram!
Owners can unleash their inner fashionista to create all manner of spooky canine costumes with prizes for the most imaginative or spine-tingling ensembles. Orchestrate a Halloween parade for pets and pet parents alike to strut and show off their fetching designs.
For ease, and to give the procession much-needed direction, design a walkway for pets to follow and grab a spotlight to shine on the four-legged stars of the show!

Step five: Remember the humans!

French bulldog in a red devil costume
While the pups will undoubtedly steal the spotlight at this soiree, let’s not overlook the human pet parents when it comes to the festivities.
Equip your human guests with dog-safe paints and non-toxic markers and invite them to adorn pumpkins with whimsical, pet-inspired designs. For refreshments, keep things “on theme” with inspired foods like mini hot dogs and “furrito bowls” that are bound to tickle everyone’s taste buds.
As the night winds down, bid adieu to your guests with a parting gift, a token of appreciation that’ll leave tails wagging! A goodie bag is not only a people-pleaser but a great way to say thank you with an assortment of pic ‘n’ mix, extra toys, and memories of the night that’ll linger on and forever remind you of celebrating spooky season with your very best of friends.
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