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10 Ghoulish gifts for Halloween

BY Joshua Joda

25th Oct 2023 Halloween

4 min read

10 Ghoulish gifts for Halloween
Here are some Halloween themed gifts for any fans of the holiday
Spooky season is here once again and as we prepare our pumpkins, ghoulish garb and other Halloween traditions. You may also find yourself shopping for small gifts to give out loved ones who are fans of Halloween, or for your to add to your own creepy collection.

Hanging cauldron ornament

Hanging cauldron ornament
This cleverly designed gift combines aromatherapy and Halloween themes with a cauldron hanging over a scented candle. It’s a unique design, inexpensive and will leave your room with a delightful scent as well.

The Last of Us canvas backpack

Last of us backpack
This is one for fans of The Last of Us, whether that’s the games or HBO’s hit TV adaptation. It’s a backpack made from canvas material in the same iconic green as the one Ellie wears—conveniently it could also help to make a Halloween costume.

Halloween themed rubber bands

Halloween rubber bands
You can keep a reminder of the spooky holiday on your wrist with these rubber wristbands. They come in several different colours and designs to suit individual taste and to mark the day.

Pumpkin crossbody bag

Pumpkin bodybag
This one’s very out there but as a gift for the most ardent Halloween lover, it’s a great choice. The pumpkin shaped body bag can also store your everyday items—your phone, wallet etc, so you don’t necessarily have to have it just for Halloween!

Halloween pillow covers

Halloween pillow case
Simple and to the point, this four-piece set of Halloween themed pillowcases, each with different designs for the holiday. You can choose from bats and ghosts, spiderwebs or a castle and spooky witch combination to compliment your décor of choice.

Boonana T-shirt

Boonana T-shirt
Combine a spooky element of Halloween in ghosts and bananas and this is the result, this quirky ‘boonana’ t-shirt. It’s great for casual settings, comfortable and comes in a variety of colours as well.

Baby Yoda oversized hoodie

Mandalorian hoodie
Who doesn’t love Baby Yoda (or Grogu) at this point? This hoody is soft and lightweight, with a sherpa fleece lining it’ll keep you warm and comes with appropriate baby Yoda ears too.
It’s a brilliant albeit simple Halloween outfit for one, but also doubles as quirky loungewear, that’s a win-win situation.

Wednesday Addams tote bag

Wednesday addams tote bag
You can rock the iconic fictional queen of goths visage with this Wednesday Addams tote bag—naturally coming in black. You can use the tote store your items and go for an alternative look while you’re out and about.
The tote is made from premium, sustainable organic cotton and designed to be long-lasting as well.

Jack Skellington slippers

Nightmare before Christmas slippers
Stay comfortable this spooky season with these themed Jack Skellington slippers, referencing the iconic character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Made from a mix of cotton and polyester they have a rubber sole, are easy to slip into and are great for cozy, warm nights indoors.

Nostalgish moon lamp

Moon lamp
This autumn you can light up your desk and bedroom using this alternative mini replica of the moon. The lamp is rechargeable, comes in five different sizes (8cm - 18cm) and can display three colours, reflecting the stages of the moon.
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