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Meet Nala, the cat making the commute more bearable


15th Jan 2024 Good News

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Meet Nala, the cat making the commute more bearable
The morning commute is never fun, but if you pass through Stevenage on your way to work your morning might be a little brighter thanks to Nala the cat
Dragging yourself out of bed in the morning and off to work is hard, especially on dark winter mornings. You might be a little more inclined to head out of the house with a spring in your step if your commute started at Stevenage station, where you’d be greeted by a ginger cat called Nala.

Getting through the morning commute

Usually found sitting on a ticket gate, four-year-old Nala lives close to the station with her owner Natasha Ambler, and often heads to station at rush hour to enjoy attention from commuters. Ambler created a Facebook page called The Adventures of Nala where hundreds of people have shared photos of the adventurous cat.
Recent photos include Nala waiting in line for her “cat-purr-ccino” at Costa, snoozing on newspaper stands and posing with commuters at the station barriers.
Nala the cat greeting commuters. Image: The Adventures of Nala
Nala wears a GPS tracking device so that her travels can be traced, and is usually found at the railway station or the next door leisure park. As well as the usual collar with her name and owners’ contact information, Nala wears a tag to let people know that she’s not lost.
According to the BBC, Ambler reported that she’s not worried about Nala in the slightest: “She’s obviously well-loved and she’s very happy doing what she does—I just hope one day she doesn’t actually try to get on a train.”
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