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Good News: The fridge network giving away free food


13th Oct 2022 Good News

Good News: The fridge network giving away free food

In a time of rising prices and food insecurity, these community fridges where people can share food that would otherwise go to waste are a piece of good news

Have you heard of community fridges? These are spaces where locals can share food with one another and save fresh food from going to waste

The Community Fridge Network

The Community Fridge Network, coordinated by Hubbub, connects 300 community fridges across the UK. It offers guidance to people looking to set up their own fridges, and support to groups running fridges. 

They also created the below map so you can locate your nearest community fridge.

The fridges are open to everyone. Of course, there are some rules for what can and cannot be shared in order to keep things safe. But otherwise, you’re welcome to take what you need, and leave anything that might otherwise end up in the bin.

Why initiatives like this matter

In August 2022 the annual inflation rate for food and non-alcoholic beverages was 13.1 per cent. According to a YouGov survey by the Food Foundation, in April 2022, 15.5 per cent of UK households were food insecure, meaning that they ate less or went a day without food because they could not access or afford food.

The benefit of community fridges has never been clearer. In difficult times, with pretty much all costs increasing drastically, it is reassuring to know that communities are coming together and helping each other as much as they can. 

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