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Good News: Meet the dog seeing the world by motorbike

BY Alice Gawthrop

24th Feb 2023 Good News

Good News: Meet the dog seeing the world by motorbike

Would you drive around the world on a motorbike? Would you do it with a dog sitting behind you the whole way? Jess Stone is doing just that with her dog Moxie

Jess Stone and her dog, Moxie, are travelling the world together by motorcycle. Their trip will take them through 90 countries across North, Central and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. 

Meet Moxie

Moxie came into Jess’s life as a puppy in Guatemala, where she was living at the time. Jess told CNN, “She picked me 100 per cent. She was there at my heels just waiting for me to love her.”

Moxie is a German shepherd who weighs 34 kilograms and is totally comfortable on the back of a bike. According to Jess it took the dog a single weekend to learn how to ride. She sits on the back of the bike in a motorcycle dog carrier designed by Jess and her husband’s company, Ruffly. And she looks stylish, with hot pink goggles to protect her eyes!

Travelling the world

Jess learned to ride a motorbike in Liberia, before going on a month long motorcycle trip with her husband from North to South America. Now they are travelling the world with Moxie in tow. Travelling with a dog has its limits, such as being restricted to dog-friendly accommodation and attractions. 

"It makes me feel so happy that she’s really experiencing everything"

But according to Jess it’s worth it. “I see her [Moxie] in my mirror all the time. Her head is right up against my side. Sometimes she even rests her big snout on my shoulder with her chin up there. It makes me feel so happy that she’s really experiencing everything. It’s always new sights, sounds and smells that she’s looking at and experiencing.”

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