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When innovation is vital


9th Feb 2021 Down to Business

When innovation is vital

From businesses transitioning into the digital landscape to extensive automation across industries, every sector of this world is under the strong influence of technology. The world, at present, is under a major transformation. With invention of tech-powered solutions for every problem, people now expect industries to operate at full throttle and provide services of the highest quality.

“Today, innovation has become vital.”

Several people and companies are working to address the world's rapidly changing needs that have been triggered by this transformation. The conceptualization of driverless cars, introduction of soft robotics, and launch of advanced home systems are all innovations brought to provide people luxury and convenience. Similarly, there are companies investing their time and money to bring innovation in the medical and healthcare sector. While there are many companies that are working to bridge the gap between the medical industry and technology, there is one name that does not get the recognition it deserves. Inventagon is a company that needs to be brought under the spotlight due to its countless contributions to the industry.


Founded by an inventor, entrepreneur, and author, Jarl Jensen, this company not only develops innovative and effective medical devices but also encourages others to bring new ideas to the industry. This is what makes it stand out from all the rest. The objective of this company is to break through designs for medical and health applications. With an aim to revolutionize the biomedical industry, this company has been active ever since it was founded.

Innovate. Patent. Prosper.

Biology and technology have worked hand-in-hand for many years. The continuous inventions and innovations have saved the lives of millions of suffering people.  Today, as both fields continue to grow, the need for advanced medical and health technology has grown drastically. There is a need to encourage innovators to direct their focus towards this industry. This is where Inventagon comes into the picture. As a contemporary company, Inventagon comprehends the need of the hour. It strives to assist companies, individuals, and institutions in delivering next-generation technology that enhances human life and satisfies the needs of the sick.

The CEO of Inventagon, Jarl Jensen, is an engineer and an inventor with many patents under his name. He contributed to his first patent at the age of sixteen. With his medical device company, he wishes to pursue his passion to ‘invent and innovate’ for revolutionizing the biomedical industry. His experience as an innovator and design maker, along with Inventagon’s team, has served the industry well.

Under Jarl’s guidance, Inventagon has invested, designed, prototyped, and marketed devices for wound care, orthodontics, cosmetic, probiotics, life extension, chronic disease prevention, and several others. Inventagon understands the processes and the difficulties researchers undergo while innovating a new device. Having a former inventor's background, Jarl uses his expertise to guide, assist, and consult with researchers to keep their designs on track. This company invests in ideas and provides guidance and consultancy to businesses and clients having a hard time delivering their inventions to market. It does all that while keeping everything confidential.  It ensures that no detail is shared until the project has appropriate intellectual knowledge protection. Each client is handled with a custom solution.

With a slogan ‘Innovate. Patent. Prosper,’ Inventagon has partnered with some prominent names, such as Boston University, Rapid Orthodontics, Priority Smile LLC, and other developing businesses. It has also won the Medical Device Design Award from MD&M in 2012.

Inventagon’s portfolio includes biology, healthcare, and health informatics. In addition, the company provides expertise to doctors and researchers to utilize their knowledge to create solutions that improve medical treatments and quality of life. To aid the company’s mission, Jarl, who also serves as the CEO, has appointed a large team of engineers. Together they work to push innovations, ideas, and concepts into the practical world, triggering a technological revolution in the world of medical devices.

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