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Website Hack: Best Ways to Make Money Online For Beginners

Website Hack: Best Ways to Make Money Online For Beginners
In this digital era, and particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic, making money online has become more accessible for people worldwide. 
While there are many methods to do this, a few ways of earning online income are more beginner-friendly. Some approaches only require a device and a stable internet connection.
If you’re looking for opportunities to earn extra income, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the seven best ways on how to make money online for beginners.

1. Joining Affiliate Programs

The first simple way to earn passive income is through an affiliate program, which is a platform that connects brands with individuals to work together in marketing products. Most affiliate programs require you to sign up on the website, where you will then work as a freelance marketer. The type of income you’ll get is generally from commissions.
Affiliate marketing programs work by generating a unique link for each affiliate marketer. Then, you can share the link with anyone you think has the potential to buy the products. Many affiliate marketers also post links on their social media platforms and personal websites. Once someone purchases a product through your link, you’ll receive a commission.
The commission rate varies depending on the company you’re working with and the type of product you sell. On average, commissions can range from 5% to 30% of the product’s price. So, before you join, ensure that you’ve carefully read the platform’s terms and conditions. 

2. Freelancing 

If you have hobbies, talents, or practical skills that can be done virtually, consider freelancing. There are many roles you can apply for, including a virtual assistant, translator, freelance writer, data entry staff, or even web designer. 
Usually, freelance job employers pay at an hourly rate or per project. So, it’s a great option to get extra money aside from your full-time job, thanks to its flexibility. If your goal is to make freelancing a primary source of income, ensure to manage your financial strategy carefully, as freelancing isn’t known to offer stability. 
We recommend building an online portfolio to boost your credibility and attract more freelance employers. You can also pitch your services on freelance job portals like Fiverr, Toptal, Jooble, or Upwork

3. Selling Products and Services Online 

Another way to earn money online is by selling products or services. You can declutter your home to sell preloved items or create digital products like eBooks, stock photos, or artwork. If you’re certified in certain skills, selling online courses or consulting services is also an option. 
While selling on your own website is ideal, you can start small by offering products or services on marketplaces. Well-known examples are Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and eBay
Once you’ve attracted a sizeable audience or community, consider building an eCommerce website. Scaling your business and establishing credibility is more feasible when you have your own online store. 

4. Becoming an Online Tutor

If you’re passionate about teaching but aren’t comfortable producing a pre-recorded online course, try online tutoring. Many students are actively looking for remote tutors who offer live lessons through video conferencing apps like Zoom or Skype
If you want to make money online using this method, ensure that you have enough expertise on the topic you want to teach. Having certification to prove your credibility as an online tutor is preferable and can result in higher student sign-up rates. 
Before starting the lessons, always double-check your devices and internet connection. Prepare a backup plan to mitigate unforeseen circumstances like power outages or errors. 
Join online tutoring platforms like Skooli, TutorMe, or Superprof to market your service. If possible, attach your teaching portfolio, achievements, and learning plans to attract more potential students. 

5. Participating in Market Research

Many companies pay individuals to participate in their market research through online surveys, making this another easy way to make money online. That said, don’t expect a large income from this approach. 
Some survey sites also don’t pay in cash, but with gift cards instead. Other websites may use membership points that can make you eligible for additional non-cash rewards. So, pay close attention to the survey site’s payment system before participating. 
Furthermore, ensure that the survey site you’re signing up for is legitimate. Some popular ones include Survey Junkey and Swagbucks. Beware of scam sites that might lead to a phishing case, and take precautions when filling out your personal information. 

6. Dropshipping

Another beginner-friendly way to make money online is through dropshipping. This online business model enables you to sell products without having to manage inventory or shipment. 
The most crucial part of dropshipping is finding a trustworthy supplier that can guarantee high-quality products. 
You’ll only need to provide a platform for customers to make purchases. All payments and checkout processes will be made through your online store, but your third-party supplier will send the products to customers.  
This business model has a slight learning curve but is quite beginner-friendly. Moreover, there are many resources and eCommerce website builders to help you configure the store’s technical aspects. 

7. Starting a Blog

If you enjoy writing or sharing content, blogging is one of the best ways to earn extra cash. However, note that this method requires consistency and a long-term commitment to generate revenue. 
Common ways of making money from blogging include affiliate marketing, displaying ads, selling merchandise, creating sponsored content, or collaborating with other bloggers and brands. 
Start by identifying a topic you’re passionate about, whether that’s food, travel, makeup, fashion, or even book reviews. That said, keep in mind that if you want to monetize the blog, it’s important to conduct market research to ensure your chosen topic is lucrative.
Then, post content consistently and implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Don’t be discouraged if the site receives low traffic to begin with. Instead, learn how to improve through trial and error and keep up with blogging trends. 


If you want to start making money online, all you need to begin with is a mobile or desktop device and an internet connection. There are plenty of lucrative opportunities for making money online, so narrow them down based on your passion, skills, resources, and time.  
We hope this article helps to kickstart your online money-making journey. Good luck!
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