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Ways to manage International Payrolls for Freelancers


19th Dec 2019 Down to Business

Ways to manage International Payrolls for Freelancers

Freelancers can help companies by providing their specialized skills. However, since freelancers come from around the world, different challenges arise from hiring those freelancers. Consider these tips so that you can manage freelancers and make things easier to work with them.

Paying International Freelancers

You need to figure out how you will pay international freelancers. While local employees and freelancers can receive a check or a direct deposit through the bank, many businesses face challenges when it comes to paying international freelancers. After all, you have to consider barriers such as currency.

Your freelancers might use a different currency than your country. To make things easier for them, have them quote you or negotiate through their local currency. This will make things easier on them and you can quickly use a currency converter to make sure that it's reasonable pay.

You need to then figure out how to get money to your freelancers. Luckily, you have multiple online options to pay international freelancers. For example, you can use a mobile money transfer app. This will let you quickly transfer the money from your business to their account.

You can also use online websites, such as PayPal, to transfer money to your freelancers. This may have a convenience fee, but it handles conversions, makes things easier and you don't have to exchange banking information. Whatever you choose, make sure that it works for you and your international freelancers.

Project Manage Freelancers

While paying freelancers is an important part of the job, you also need to manage them to ensure that they get the work done by the time that you designate. This way, when they finish the work, you can pay them within a time frame that works for you. You need to find this balance of managing them while allowing them to do it their way.

Keep in mind that you can't treat a freelancer like an employee. Yes, you let them know what you need and when you need it, but keep in mind that they have no obligation to continue to work for you. Make sure that you manage them and let them know what you want, but avoid micromanaging so you don't upset them.

In short, you need to set up expectations before hand. This includes letting them know the job, when you want it done, how much they get paid and when they get paid. These are the key details that freelancers need to know to complete their work, so make sure that you give them that information.

You need to establish these expectations while maintaining communication with freelancers. They need to know about any potential changes to the project or revisions they must make. Doing so will keep them happy while allowing you to manage them effectively.

Best Communication Strategies for Different Time Zones

Speaking of communication, you need to find ways to communicate with freelancers depending on their time zone. While phone calls allow you to talk directly, some may not have that option due to out of country charges or massive time zone differences.

Many people use email addresses or instant messaging sites to stay in contact. This works great since you can send a freelancer information and they can access at any point they are available. However, if they don't use it daily, this could cause communication issues.

Depending on your phone plans, you can also text each other. Most people have their phone on them throughout the day, so this means that they will get the message as soon as possible. However, it might not be feasible if the phone company charges for out of country text messages.

The best way to find a communication method between freelancers involves communicating with your freelancers. Talk with them to discuss the best channel to maintain communication. This will help you both to find an effective way to communicate.


You may face challenges while working with international freelancers, but the profit they bring to your company makes it worth it. Continue to find ways to work with your freelancers to ensure that your business succeeds and reaches more people.