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Virtual phone number as the future of E-commerce


30th Sep 2021 Down to Business

Virtual phone number as the future of E-commerce

In the wake of the digital era, the e-commerce industry is flourishing across the globe.

People prefer to sit in the comfort of their homes and take advantage of digital services. Instead of going to a shop physically to purchase a product, people prefer to do online shopping. This has triggered the rise in the number of e-commerce businesses.

Trust and support of its customers are the prime factors for the success of any venture. To gain this support, establishing effective and seamless communication with the customers becomes very crucial.

A virtual phone number system can provide the solution to this cumbersome task by setting up a seamless communicative system, thus providing an excellent customer support system.

Benefits of a virtual phone number in e-commerce business

Lately, more and more people are depending on virtual phone number services for efficient business communication. So, let us look at the benefits of a virtual phone number that makes it the future of e-commerce.

Reduces the cost

In a traditional phone system, there will be difficult configurations that need expensive equipment and hardware. Along with the cost of this expensive equipment, you will have to pay for a technician to set this up. You will also have to bear the high maintenance cost of this physical arrangement.

With a virtual phone system, you do not need any complicated wirings or other physical arrangements. It can work on any device whether it is a phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. All you need is a secure internet connection.

Creating trust among the customers

As customers, all of us prefer to purchase a product from a place that has a solid customer support system and communication facilities. Unlike a traditional business, the customers cannot deal with the agents directly in the case of any e-commerce business. So, for these e-commerce businesses to succeed, you need to prove that you are trustworthy and need to be available to answer all purchase-related queries. A virtual phone number can be a solution to this issue.

A virtual phone number will increase the customer’s faith in the brand. If a website has a virtual phone number, the customers will feel that you are approachable and will listen to their queries and concerns. This will create trust and will give a positive image to your brand.

Moreover, a virtual phone number will provide you with toll-free numbers and local business numbers. As people usually prefer local businesses over international ones, a virtual phone number will give you a local presence.

Increased flexibility and efficiency of the employees

With an e-commerce phone number, you will be able to make and take a call from anywhere, any time. You can just download the app and use it on your mobile app. Since it is very flexible, it enables the employees to work remotely. The various feature of virtual phone number allows the employees to stay connected, engage with each other and work effectively as a single unit.

Do not have any time constraints

In an e-commerce business, your customers can place an order at any point in time. So, you need to be readily available to answer all their purchase-related queries. If there is no proper customer support, it will create a bad image for your company and you will eventually lose the customers. But, with a virtual phone number, you will be able to provide an efficient communicative system 24/7.

In any online platform, due to some infrastructural issues or unavailability of the agent, a customer may not be able to contact the number given on the website. But, the multi-faceted functionalities such as call logging and call recording in a virtual phone system will let you record and track the calls if you missed any. The feature of converting voice messages to e-mail will make it easier to go through all the queries of customers.


Seamless customer engagement

In addition to the call recording and logging facilities, a virtual phone number system, will also provide call forwarding and call routing features.

The Call Routing facility increases the first call resolution rate as all the calls are redirected to agents or departments who can best address their specific concerns. This enables the customers to solve their purchase-related queries in one go. They do not have to waste their time by talking to multiple agents.

Virtual phone numbers are capable of forwarding the calls. A call made to a company’s virtual number can be forwarded to the employee’s personal number, thus avoiding call dropouts. Also, if one agent is busy with another call, you will be able to forward the customer’s call to another available employee. This will reduce the customer’s waiting time and will strengthen the customer’s relationship with the company by enabling an efficient communicative system.

The key to higher conversion in e-commerce marketing is conversations. You can use branded caller ids for higher conversion that will ultimately result in more sales and better customer experience.

Helps to scale up your business

A virtual phone number system will give you a call analytic report. This enables you to understand the customer’s details, including their personal details, their preferences, and needs. This will help you to increase the sale and thereby increase the revenue of your e-commerce business.

To conclude, having a robust and efficient telecommunication system is very crucial for the success of any online service. So, enhance your e-commerce business with a virtual phone number service to build a trustworthy and seamless communication system with the customers.

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