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Use these sure-fire tips to improve customer experience today


7th Feb 2020 Down to Business

Customers are truly the heartbeat of any business, treat them well, and the rest of your business ticks. Treat them otherwise, by failing to satisfy them, and many will have no problem bad-mouthing your brand.

And bad-mouthing is the least of your problems when you deliver a poor customer experience to your audience. In this highly competitive world, customers have no problem jumping on to the next moving train – your competitors – when you don’t give them the best of experiences, or at the very least, an equivalent of what your competitors are offering. Which no business owner wants.

Here are some tips on how to ensure you keep your customers happy.

Know your customers

The best way to deliver outstanding customer service is to know your customers inside and out.

it is fundamental  to know what appeals to them, what their needs are, what their pain points are and how they like to engage with you and hear from you.

AFor example, do you have a customer base that appreciates visual and not audio communication, or a base that hates long queues, or perhaps your customers are the type that like engagement? Whatever the case may be, decipher the nature of your customers and you are heading in the right direction.

Enhance the experience you’re offering by going multichannel

It is true that we now live in a digital age serviced by many different social media channels. As such, your customers are most likely scattered across a variety of them all. To enhance the experience they’re getting from you, try to interact with them on the platforms they enjoy most. Even if you cannot afford to be present on all social platforms, at least being active and engaging on the most popular ones should do your customer base a whole lot of good. Creating a profile on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, etc., will go a long way in addressing issues, complaints, worries, and solving problems as soon as customers demand it. This tip is not only essential for businesses looking to build a loyal customer base, but also for existing businesses with an already established base. 

Moreover, you should create a customer journey map and use tools like Omniconvert to identify the path where your customers are dropping off from the funnel. You can then optimize each and every path used by your customers to buy your products. Omniconvert lets you run tests that lets you acquire more customers easily.

Use customer experience innovation to raise the bar

Look at the customer experience of Apple, Disney, and Tesla – what are they doing differently? They use innovation in their approach to customer experience to connect with their customers and stand out from the rest. Innovative solutions are not only authentic and effective, but they are also cost-efficient as well. Little wonder why these brands are enjoying great profit margins, and not having to worry too much about common business issues like how to resolve debt, or what an IVA's ability is in combating debt or how to stop bailiffs visiting and disrupting their companies.

Develop a customer experience management program

Customer experience management (CEM) is the art of controlling, tracking, and designing customer interactions at all touchpoints to meet or exceed customer demands. There are many benefits of CEM, such as increased loyalty, engagement, positive word-of-mouth marketing, all of which ultimately leads to greater revenue generation. Work on developing an active CEM program in your business to proactively improve the customer experience at every step along the customer journey. Additionally, in the event that your business becomes burdened with debt and you need debt help like Moorcroft help, this strategy can help you generate as much revenue as you may need to settle your debt. 

Let your customers help themselves with self service

Modern customers don’t want you to help them – ideally, they would want to help themselves. According to a recent study, 45 percent of companies offering web or mobile self-service reported an increase in site traffic and reduced phone inquiries. Post resources, books, and FAQs on your website to help customers service themselves and look for solutions to their problems. Think about it, what would you rather do – wait in line for an agent to answer your query, or browse a forum to look for the answer? 

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