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Understanding the American economy through ‘Optimizing America’


29th Apr 2021 Down to Business

Understanding the American economy through ‘Optimizing America’

A stable growing economy is every country’s primary goal. Stabilizing the world’s economy is critical. 

Economists are notoriously bad at predicting the economy which itself is an indication of its instability. Even the slightest change in the economy is explained in different ways by top economists.  Unfortunately, the talent of these learned individuals can not compensate for their lack of understanding.  They have turned a blind eye to the rising financial constraints faced by the common man and they refuse to blame the system. Rather these economists blame the individual.


The economy of the United States and the world has not been ideal for decades. It witnessed an extreme downfall in the ‘Great Recession’ and has been trying to recover since then. After experiencing a few good years of climbing up the graph, the sudden hit of the COVID-19 blew the entire world’s economy. Although according to statistics, the economy of the US is the largest by nominal GDP, second-largest by purchasing power parity, and fifth largest by per capita GDP, there is a different paradigm in which to see the troubles of the common man and the failure of economists.  Jarl Jensen has addressed this paradigm in his book 'Optimizing America.’

Jarl Jensen, a thought leader with an innovative mindset, has presented his viewpoint to fix the economy of America through his writing. He is an ardent follower of Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford. He greatly admires their excellent analytical thinking capabilities and problem-solving skills.

The Wolfe Trilogy is a book series that started with Optimizing America and is followed by two books; Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil and The Big Solution. This book series revolves around the main character Justin Wolfe, who is on a book tour for The Big Solution, which turns into a presidential campaign called Optimizing America. He knows that the system is dysfunctional, and yet there is always a huge price for being the opposition to the status quo. The series is thrilling and has a gripping storyline, that keeps the reader hooked.

Optimizing America sheds light on why the economy is dysfunctional and shines light on a new paradigm to secure the future for all of us. Jarl’s engineering background and real-life business operational skills help him build an idea of how the economic system could work for the betterment of everyone, rich or poor. According to him, economic stability enables other macro-economic objectives to be achieved, such as stable prices and stable economic growth but also solving climate change and poverty.

A stable economy leads to a predictable future making retirement a breeze and that really should not be an issue after a lifetime of work.  Jensen, through his series, the Wolfe Trilogy, shares unique ideas of stabilizing his nation's economy with a sustainable future and prosperity for all. As a patriot, he has thought about the issues causing economy to decline.  His solutions if used correctly, can revolutionize economic growth and a better future for all.

Jarl spent hours studying the problems of the economy and creating interesting plots for the story. Penning his thoughts and ignited his feelings for patriotism, which resulted in a power-packed and emotionally moving book, that would wake the people up from their slumber and push them to think about taking action. In a world led by technology, Jarl could easily choose another medium to discuss the economic problems and motivate the upcoming generation; instead, he went with the classic approach and chose books to express his thoughts. As an author, Jarl himself is fond of reading books and considers books an effective method of learning anything new.

The inventor was inspired by engineering principles and the application of modern science to write this series. Jarl was also inspired by the youth, as they are the future of America.  According to him educating the younger generation about the emerging problems of the economy today would benefit them tomorrow. The idea of this trilogy was to provide the readers with a fresh angle to think about America's economy. It also plants seeds in the readers’ minds to one day help make the country’s economy better. Jarl says, "We can optimize America for the people by engineering the economy."

The innovative solutions provided by inventor Jarl Jensen through his book series The Wolfe Trilogy, are ideal for tackling the problems brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. His books work as a road map to enlighten and motivate the leaders of the future.

Optimizing America has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and continues to run in the top-selling category on various online platforms. Jarl Jensen has given an important message through his book that motivates the youngsters to think about their sinking future before it is too late.

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