Top Tips for Using a CASB For Your Business

Using a CASB in your business can be incredibly advantageous for your company. However, due to the relatively new state of this technology, the prospect of using a CASB within your business can seem daunting. To ensure that you can implement this technology for the good of your business and that you will be able to optimise your usage of this technology, here are some top tips for CASB usage in your company.

  • Cover All Your Threats

The first- and the most beneficial- tip for all business owners who are considering using CASB technology within their company is that you should check that your CASB system can cover all of the threats that you need it to. There is no point in opting for a CASB vendor that can protect your emails and not your data storage, for instance, as this can leave you vulnerable to some of the most prominent threats in your sector. Companies like Proofpoint can help you to find the solution that your company needs to thrive out of a range of options that includes Nexus and Digital Risk protection.

  • Analyse Your Procedures

Once you have established the CASB software within your business, there is no better action to take than to analyse your procedures to check that your software is effective and that you are managing your risks appropriately. To do this, you should establish security metrics to judge the success of your campaign against. These can include the amount of suspicious behaviour that you have been warned against, the amount of time that your software takes to find risks and alert you of them, and the amount of software that is being managed by your CASB. This will help you to check that it is right for you.

  • Enforce Your Existing Policies

However, installing a CASB does not mean that you can abandon your existing policies when it comes to security and data protection, and it is essential that you can use your CASB to enforce the policies that you have already created. For instance, you can get your CASB to alert you if there is a breach of the measures that you have taken for data loss prevention, such as if your multi-factor authentication is accessed by a suspicious party, and this can ensure that your security standards are kept across a wide range of different applications.

  • Train Your Employees for Use

Your employees should not be expected to understand the use and purpose of CASB in your business without training, though. Before you can put your CASB into practice, the only way that you can be sure of its success is to train your employees for its usage and ensure that they have more extensive cybersecurity training. You can do this by setting up a training course, by setting quizzes and tests, and by asking them to sign an agreement centred around your policy. You can also ensure that employees have in-time training, with alerts and reminders on-screen when they are behaving in a risky manner to ensure that this training is implemented at all times within your company.

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