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Tips for designing quality business cards 


24th Feb 2020 Down to Business

Tips for designing quality business cards 

Even if enterprises have gone paperless and online, a business card is still an important part of the business marketing effort.

If you do not have one to give to prospects, professional contacts and clients, you could be losing greatly on viable marketing opportunities.

Cards are created differently. The design, weight and type of material used on the card speak volumes on the business you are trying to market. Most prospects will relate your business with the quality of the card that you give them. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to have quality cards. Here are important considerations that you should make when creating cards. 

Remember the Basics

It is worth remembering that a business card is a print like other appears. So, remember the basic design and printing principle so that it is able to send the message you are passing to the other party. Some of the principles include the following: 

• All images and text should be at least 5mm from the trim edge
• Go for the best image production (at least 300dpi)
• Maintain legible typography by checking the font size
• Consider designs in CMYK unless using spot colours
• Ensure the right hierarchy of information by aligning blocks of texts to the edge or centre.

Get Creative

There are no rules when it comes to creating business cards. You can come up with any design as long as it passes on the information in the best way possible. Consider the basic information that you will include in your card and then design it in a way that your target audience would love.

Consider your choice of colours and images. If you go with your image, use the best shot. For clip art, go for creative pieces that pull the attention of the people who get your cards. The card colour does not have to be just the company colours. Go for a colour that sends the message or the right perception across. You can have more than one colour for your card. 

Use Free Templates

You will find several Shopify free business card makers, which you can use to create cards quickly. These templates have everything done for you. You only need to add text and image to the selected template. 

While you can do your designs fast, check to see the cost of printing the cards with the printer that offers the card maker. Most of them will not allow you to download your designed card to print elsewhere. Therefore, you must be willing to take up the whole package that includes the template and printing service. 

Get Creative with Card Shapes

Your business card does not have to be a rectangular piece that is commonly used by other firms. Look for the best design, depending on the target market. For example, a dog food company can make cards that look like bones while a florist can have cards designed like vases or flowers. You could also make cards that work as phone supports. Creative designs prevent your card from being tossed into the dustbin with other papers.

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