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The importance of writing high-quality content online


12th Apr 2021 Down to Business

The importance of writing high-quality content online

As once said by the famous philosopher Sigmund Freud “Words have magical powers. They can either bring the deepest despair or the greatest happiness”. This is something to keep in mind as you create you are creating content for online websites. In fact, your entire online presence should be based in producing high-quality content.

In the online gambling industry, for example, developing a website that has high-quality content will improve the related business chances from standing out from the competition, attracting more traffic and bringing in potentially more players and consequently more clients. If you are in this segment, then you should definitely have a look at this UK online casino for inspiration.

Whatever you are going to present to your readers is actually the most powerful tool to develop a relationship with both potential and current customers when you are working for a business. Well, but does the quality of your website content does indeed affect its performance? See below a few examples.

The way search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing works is that it will attempt its best guess at cataloguing and crawling millions of webpages everyday in order to provide the best result when a user performs a search. This is achieved by complex algorithms that will scan the website’s content quality and will look up for keywords. You should know that this is very hard to do and should not be manipulated by the webmaster through means such as stuffing pages with low quality content and repetitive keywords. Whenever a search engine detects these attempts, it will punish the webpage by reducing its visibility in the search results.

There is a real-life example of the positive outcome from focusing in adopting a high-quality content policy in the case of the camera brand GoPro. Despite their YouTube channel being only among the few 2% brand channels in the top 5000 channels, they are the fifth biggest brand of the entire platform. But how were they able to achieve such high status? It was by developing an attentive community care management that will produce quality content aligned with whatever their audience actually is looking for in YouTube.

This brand’s primary audience is in sports and photography professionals and enthusiasts. Therefore, all their content will be first targeted at this specific demographic group. If you happen to be a part of these two forementioned groups, for example, you are more likely to help with their channel’s engagement by liking videos and subscribing to make sure you will not be missing any other new videos from them.

Finally, if you think about the online gambling industry again, they are in fact one of the most competitive segments in the entire world wide web, given that there are thousands of platforms and websites that will offer much similar content to what your business might be offering. Therefore, as a content creator and webmaster, your main objective is to draw from the website visitors the very same idea that GoPro focuses on, which will make the users respond positively to your content and become potential customers.

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