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Tech Millionaire on Creating A Social Media Empire


11th May 2020 Down to Business

Tech Millionaire on Creating A Social Media Empire

There’s no question to this fact: technology has changed the shape of the world. It's the driving force behind the massive globalization we’ve experienced since the turn of the century. Technology has drastically improved our lives, impacted the way we function, communicate, are entertained and even has transformed the methods in which we absorb information.   

The Internet has quenched our never-ending thirst for knowledge, connected our voices and has sparked our curiosity in exploring infinite possibilities. Our investment in technology over the past 50 years has cemented pillars to a promising future with endless potential. Imagine what life would be like if technology and the Internet did not evolve?  A few decades ago, computers were so oversized that they had to be housed in an entire room; today, they’re so small that they fit right in the palms of our hands. It’s really quite remarkable how technology has evolved, monumental advancements like the birth of artificial intelligence, complex algorithms and advanced computing are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s even more fascinating to wonder how technology will continue to transform the way we live in another 50 years.  

Who would have imagined electric cars would challenge and disrupt the principles of an entire automotive industry. Or think it would be possible to take a trip beyond orbit and experience gravity in space? Yes, the Elon Musks, and Richard Bransons of the world are few and in between and in an ever evolving world, only a few of us are actually utilizing technology to develop game changing results.   

The Impact Of Technology on Internet Entrepreneurs

The internet era has created more millionaires than any other industry. The combination of being tech savvy with ambition and determination is a deadly force, a formula so to speak for being an internet entrepreneur. individuals from humble beginnings have taken advantage of the internet's accessibility and have amassed incredible wealth from developing useful applications, software, new products and  services.  

In a recent cover that we wrote about famous social media influencers, I chronicled a youtuber and internet entrepreneur named, Khaled Mazeedi, a Kuwaiti Canadian multi-millionaire who's amassed a staggering 9 million followers on social media and estimated to be worth well over $15 million.   

Khaled's story is particularly interesting and it truly shows there are multiple ways to reach success. He moved to the U.S from Kuwait at a relatively young age and his first love was soccer. He recalls he always wanted to be a professional soccer player and committed his youth to the sport, training up to 8 hours a day. He received a NCAA division 1 soccer scholarship from Florida international university, cited as the new Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Ultimately, an international agent who represents some of the biggest soccer stars noticed his talent and sent him overseas to try out for major clubs in Europe.  He recalls going to France with almost no cash and being bribed for a contract at his first tryout with Le Havre FC. But that didn't stop him, It was that burning desire to achieve his dream, a mission to succeed, that pushed him to continue. Eventually he was signed by Club Sportif Sedan, was called up to the Kuwait national team and received transfer requests from major clubs, PSG and Tottenham. Khaled’s stardom didn't last long as tragedy struck a week before a World Cup Qualifiers match against Japan, he collided with a keeper during practice and suffered a career ending injury. His contract with CS Sedan was abruptly terminated shortly after. Khaled then left for Dubai in an attempt to make a comeback but quickly realized the injuries he suffered required risky medical intervention and decided to leave the game for good.   

Khaled then poured all his energy in developing and investing in mobile applications including Shedd, Autosheik, and multiple other startups. He says the future of social applications will be augmented reality based and is currently developing a new scan and detect AR database app with AR advertising capabilities. Khaled is also launching an automotive peer-to-peer marketplace called Autosheik. He also dabbled in cryptocurrency and is said to be one of the largest bitcoin holders in Dubai. When he started to chronicle his daily life on his instagram and youtube accounts, sharing his refined fashion sense, exotic car collection and even business tips, his social media began to explode. From his stunning estate, to his gorgeous girlfriend, and his epic collection of luxury, exotic cars, Khaled has certainly been very fortunate.  

The cars in Khaled's collection are worth well over $2 million, and include 2 Lamborghini’s, of which one is the Lamborghini Aventador, a Mansory Ferrari 458, a Pagani Zonda and a one-off Kevlar FMJ Jeep Wrangler with 40” tires.   

His youtube channel “Ten XP” amassed over 3.5 million subscribers and his instagram has over 2.3 million followers. Mazeedi was also nominated for multiple Youtuber Prestige Awards, a platform hosted by​ Youtuber Magazine​ which distinguishes the best in digital video and was nominated for the MTV IMW Awards. He won the “Arab Creator of the Year “ award in the “Overall” category.

However, he tells me that it's all thanks to God and nothing would be possible without his faith and trust in a greater power.   

Tips for Success According to Khaled Mazeedi  

Not everyone is able to achieve their goals and reach their potential but Khaled says there are ways to increase your probability of success. I asked Khaled what are the most important things he applies to his life in order to keep pushing ahead. He says he always keeps things interesting and always follows a path that keeps him motivated, Afterall, you only have 24 hours in a day, so might as well spend it doing something you feel passionate about.  

 He did share some useful tips with us that we think are right on the money. These 5 tips are the core principles he applies to garner his success. These habits have provided the framework to his success in professional soccer, technology startups and his social media fame. And you can apply them too.

#1 -- Dream big and set goals with high expectations Khaled says that being a dreamer is the first step to making your goals real. Your dreams will be a huge motivational factor in your goal setting, so make sure you envision a great dream for yourself. Set your goals by breaking them down into 3 segments; Long term, mid term and short term. Start hacking away at your short term goals and work your way up. Often, we witness a common trend where people struggle in following through with their goals. This is where having high expectations in yourself can be used to your advantage. After all if you don't set a standard for yourself, who will? He says you better have high expectations in yourself.

#2 -- Create and execute an action plan within your capabilities Create an action plan that pushes your envelope but is still manageable and within your reach. Set feasible, realistic but challenging timelines  to raise the bar in getting things done. We all grow under stress after all. Understand your capabilities and master your ability to organize a constructive plan in order to formalize getting what you want.

#3 -- Be consistent in the quality you delivery  Clients like getting what they expect. Once you sell them something they like, the next time they expect the results and outcome to be similar. This is what creates repeat customers, consistency . Make sure you are able to deliver consistency in your work. Let people know they can expect the same quality from you over and over again, it’s a cornerstone and one of the core principles to building your reputation.  

#4 -- Be persistent and believe in yourself When things get tough, the tough get going. Ever heard that saying? The road to success can bring lots of ups and downs, can test your limits and even make you doubt yourself. This is when your self belief will be the only thing that keeps you moving forward and save you from throwing in the towel. Being persistent and overcoming obstacles you face in your business are big victories in achieving your long term dreams. Always believe in yourself and your ability to follow through, this can make all the difference in becoming successful.  

#5 -- Be known for your character Your reputation will make or break you, protect it at all costs. Being genuine and honest goes a long way. Treating people well can be the difference in attracting the right people in your life. Having good moral and business ethics will take you even farther, if you are happy and confident in your own character, then surely the people you do  business with will sense this too. Money comes and goes but your reputation stands the test of time.  

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