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Side hustles you can do from home

Side hustles you can do from home
Life has never been so expensive, so whether you are a stay-at-home parent looking to bring in some extra income or need something to do in your evenings and weekends because your day job isn’t making ends meet, side hustles are a great way to generate extra cash.
If they can be done from home, it saves you from spending any more on commuting. So here are a few quick ideas that might help you boost the coiffeurs.

1. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant carries out various admin tasks for other companies. Whether they need you to answer emails, deal with customers, update social media channels or add to the blog, plenty of office-based administration tasks are available if you have that skill set. You need a reliable Internet connection, a PC or laptop and a quiet area where you can work without interruption. You can sign up with a Virtual Assistant company in the UK and start immediately.

2. Ironing Drop and Stop

Many people hate ironing, but if you enjoy this,  you could make money from home as an ironing drop and stop. Clients can drop in the basket of crumpled clothing and pick it up at an agreed time, by which time you will have pressed it and hung it, and it will be ready to go. Many home ironing services feel that watching television whilst ironing other people’s clothes is an easy and painless way of topping up the bank balance.

3. Pet Sitting 

If you are an animal lover, pet sitting could be an excellent way to bring in extra cash. When your friends go on holiday, you could have their dog stay at your house, pop in and feed the cats, or even clean out the rabbits and guinea pigs. If you are fit and active and enjoy walking in all weathers, you could also offer to walk dogs for people who are not getting time to get their four-legged friend out. Look into insurance, but the good news is that these are usually available for a reasonably low fee.

4. Social Media Marketing

If you spend a lot of time on social media channels, you will see that businesses frequently update their page. This is a time-consuming process that many companies are more than happy to outsource. If you have entrepreneurial friends and family, they might be very grateful to employ you to take this task out of their hands. All you need is the ability to create engaging posts related to the business.

5. Use Your Talents

If you have creative skills, such as knitting, crocheting, making jewellery or anything of that ilk, you can make money by selling your creations. Try online with websites like Etsy or at local craft shows and markets often held in community centres and school halls. It’s usually not going to generate much money, but it’s a great way to enjoy your hobby and bring in a little cash to support the bills.

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