Sectors that need your employment in 2021


3rd Dec 2020 Life

Sectors that need your employment in 2021

There weren’t many who could have predicted 2020 turning out the way it did. The pandemic essentially threw the whole world into chaos, forcing millions of businesses to close and even more people to stay indoors.

Coming into 2021, the situation still hasn’t completely resolved itself, meaning there are plenty of sectors that could still do with your employment. COVID-19 might have hit a lot of industries hard, but there are some that are thriving during this pandemic that desperately need your help.

Food Retail

Although standard retail shops may have been opening and closing over the last year, food retailers have yet to shut their doors to the public. That makes sense, given that grocery stores provide essential products that all people need. Of course, as a result of this, they’ve struggled to meet the demand of shoppers since the pandemic first hit. To try and alleviate this burden, they’ve been taking on new employees year-round, with Walmart hiring over half a million people alone in 2020. With the pressure unlikely to be lifted until the virus is under control, and no certainty over when that may be, this is one sector that would definitely benefit from extra help.


It should come as no surprise that this pandemic has put a massive amount of strain on the healthcare industry. Medical professionals can only help so many people at a time, and staff numbers aren’t as high as they could be. If you want to try and ease that burden, and if you’re interested in a career helping others, it might be worth training to become a nurse. There are many different roles for nurses, from an adult gerontology nurse practitioner to a neonatal nurse, so be sure to research each one to help you make the right decision. Even if the pandemic is over by the time you’re trained, you can never predict when a situation like this may happen again. Your help could prove beneficial in the future.

Tech Support

The virus has completely transformed the way that a lot of people do their jobs. While manual workers still do things as normal, albeit with some potential restrictions, many office workers have been forced to work from home. It’s been a major adjustment for a lot of employees, but now that so much time has passed, many of them have gotten used to it. Some companies have even decided to keep things remote full-time from now on. All of that means that tech support and telecommunications companies are working harder than ever to ensure that these businesses can function efficiently from home. That means a lot of potential to hire more staff.


If you can’t leave the house, or you’re concerned to do so because of your health, what do you do when you need to buy something? You order it. That’s what millions of people did in 2020, whether they needed essentials or just something to pass the time. Companies like Amazon were already doing extremely well for themselves, delivering billions of parcels year after year. Since the pandemic, their popularity has only increased. With the demand for deliveries continuing to rise, this is another sector where jobs may be required over the coming year.

It’s understandable to feel disheartened if you’ve lost your job because of the pandemic. Even if they’re not perfect for you, though, hopefully, you’ll manage to find something in one of these sectors. At the very least, it could keep your finances stable until you discover a job that’s more suited to you.

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