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Scott Cullather: Live Brand Storytelling with INVNT


17th Feb 2020 Down to Business

The art of crafting a compelling story and turning it into a live brand experience is no easy feat, but it’s an important part of any modern-day marketing strategy.

It can work wonders for businesses and brands as it effectively engages their target audiences. INVNT by Scott Cullather is an agency that is taking live brand storytelling to the next level. 

It is a global live brand storytelling agency that works to create demand, build brand allegiance, and assist employers in strengthening relationships with their employees. The company has been helping notable brands like General Motors, Merck, and Subway enhance their reputation with its exceptionally created and well-thought out live events for decades. More recently, the agency launched a branded content studio, HEVĒ, so it now offers both live and digital band storytelling expertise – a phenomenon that Cullather argues: “is the most potent form of engagement the world has ever known.”

About SCOTT Cullather – Worldwide Recognized Industry Leader

Born on May 24, 1964 in Dearborn Michigan, Scott Cullather is the CEO and co-founder of INVNT. He graduated from the University of Richmond with a BS in Economics. Before he established his company with his wife Kristina McCoobery, he was part of Williams/Gerard Productions. It was his father, Dan Cullather’s company. His father, who is also his role model, was a part of Jack Morton. Scott joined his father’s business in 1988 when he was 24 years old. Scott Cullather worked in his father’s company for more than eighteen years. He was responsible for the New York office, and his experience at Williams/Gerard Productions taught him about various aspects of live brand storytelling. He has more than thirty years’ industry experience and has designed, produced, and executed brand experiences for large-scale companies in more than forty countries.

In addition to running INVNT, Scott is an active philanthropist who is involved in several charitable organizations. Moreover, he is a certified Forbes Speaker and Forbes Books author, having co-authoredChallenge “EverythingTM: The Battle Cry That Blew Sh*t Up and INVNTd Live Brand StorytellingTM” with his wife and business partner, Kristina McCoobery. His story and that of INVNT’s is also featured in Dynamic Authors of the 21stCentury, published by Creative Classics Publications Inc. Scott Cullather has been featured in Adweek, Entrepreneur, The London Business Journal, C&IT, Campaign, Entrepreneur and Bizbash. He believes that there is a global war on talent in the industry, which is why he strives to hire the most sought-after talent from all around the world for his company. 

INVNT – Setting New Standards for the Competitors

When it comes to live brand storytelling, INVNT is one company that steals the spotlight. The agency came into existence in the year 2008. It was founded as a result of the joint efforts of Scott Cullather and Kristina McCoobery. The couple worked together to set up the company with an aim to make it the best live brand storytelling agency in the world. The company was established with a vision to revamp the traditional approach to how brand events were created, designed, budgeted and delivered.


INVNT was founded with a vision to become the best live brand storytelling agency in the world. Today, the company’s reach spans four continents and six time zones. It has eight offices in five different countries. Half of its offices are set up in the United States of America, while other offices are situated in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Sweden. Not only has the company set up offices all around the globe, it has built global teams who all work together on client projects. 

The company continues to expand, and in 2019 brought in some of the most ‘sought-after’ talents, including Jonathan Fitzhenry, 3D experiential design specialist, who has worked with Microsoft, Samsung, VW, and General Motors in the past. Fiona Pullen, Domenique Osborne, Brad SauperLauren Rozanski, Ro Taylor, and Shayna Blasé are some of the other recent additions to INVNT’s global team. Scott Cullather stated, “These strategic hires will ensure INVNT continues to deliver above and beyond expectations around the world, through the ideation, design and delivery of highly engaging experiences that strike a chord and move audiences to action.”

Acquiring Powerful Clients 

The company has been successful in spreading its roots around the world up until now, and it is still working to grow its global footprint further. The company has built a network of notable clients. In the year 2019, Samsung partnered with INVNT for its Galaxy Note10 Unpacked launch. The live event secured more than two million livestream views. Moreover, it stirred immense hype on social media - otherwise known as amplification, which is one of the key purposes of a live event. In addition to Samsung, the company worked on the live event for the launch of the Genesis Mint Concept, Xerocon conference for accounting professionals and DICK’S Sporting Goods’ first-ever fashion show. 

Other notable brands that have become a part of INVNT’s client roster include Facebook, Microsoft, Mary Kay, Pfizer and Merck. The company works with ESPN every year to define and demonstrate the message. Additionally, Subway has been partnering with the company to define its dynamic brand for over two decades. One of the largest live events the company works on is the SHRM conference that has more than 15,000 attendees. INVNT works to create smart brand communication programs for PepsiCo. 

Scott Cullather is an experienced individual who has led his company to become one of the leading agencies in the sector of live brand storytelling. The fact that Scott forms strong, long-lasting relationships with some of the world’s most reputable brands is an indication of the company’s success in the sector. As per the 2018 statistics, Scott was able to generate revenue of over fifty million dollars and even set a target to sixty-two million dollars for 2019. His global focus has seen the agency build a team comprising of talents from all around the world, and he states; “Our tremendous growth is due to a combination of our team’s ability to develop compelling live brand stories that are on message yet disruptive and create real impact, the increase in strategic relevance of live events for brands and consumers around the world, and the development of a global team of INVNTrs that now operate across eight offices, five countries and four continents.” Under his leadership, INVNT has revamped the traditional approach to how live events are delivered, and continues to work on refining and elevating the sector by sharing his knowledge and insight through book authorships, media contributions, speaking engagements and philanthropic efforts.

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