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How to ramp up your internal business communications with powered template

How to ramp up your internal business communications with powered template
Communication is key, and this has never been more so than when it comes to ensuring that your business operations continue to run smoothly. For complex data and convoluted internal matters, it can be more difficult to communicate information, but with PoweredTemplate’s suite of intuitive chart templates, sharing essential data with your teams is easier than ever.
According to statistics from Gartner, 70% of company mistakes can be attributed to poor communication, and with this in mind, it’s imperative that businesses seek to address this percentage.
The issue with communication is that it can break down when complex issues are being addressed between teams internally. If your employees are unaware of essential data, or its impact on their workload, there’s a tangible risk that no positive change can be made.
This presents an issue for business leaders. How can you effectively communicate important information in a cost and time-effective manner? One of the most impactful solutions can be found in PoweredTemplate’s professionally designed range of 100% editable slides.

Communicating complex information with PoweredTemplate

PoweredTemplate offers a vast array of templates for not only presentation software but also graphic design purposes. This makes the platform a great place to download pre-prepared illustration tools that can help to improve internal communication within teams.
Image of a screenshot of a computer showing powered template software
The platform’s intuitive menu helps users to identify the best templates to better illustrate and communicate data throughout the company. With thousands of free options, the approach can be highly cost-effective.
Among PoweredTemplate’s categories are data-driven diagrams and charts, education and training, education charts and diagrams, flow charts, infographics, matrix charts, medical diagrams and charts, pie charts, process diagrams, puzzle diagrams, and plenty more illustrative options.
Taking a closer look at one of PoweredTemplate’s options, we can see that there’s plenty of information available to help inform decisions for which chart to use to communicate data.
Image of a computer screen with powered template software
Notably, a star rating system is used to help offer some form of peer review process, while the download button for templates shows the number of times that the designs have been downloaded by other users.
Furthermore, PoweredTemplate has made it simple to identify premium content alongside its free-to-use counterparts. Crucially, premium content is illustrated with the use of a red thumbnail depicting a crown.
Step-by-step agendas, like the 4-step agenda in the template above, can be an excellent template for companies breaking internal communications down into bitesize chunks for all teams to better understand and follow.
Other charts like pie charts, organization charts, and bar charts can all be a great way of converting data into a more visually stimulating means of conversation while infographics can be great for communicating more in-depth analysis throughout the company.
Image of computer screen showing business charts
PoweredTemplate also showcases intuitive features like the ‘similar’ option which automatically presents users with a range of templates that are similar in specifications to a selection. This helps to fine-tune the selection process and to ensure that you find the right template for your needs.

Downloading your template

Downloading your selection is straightforward. By clicking on the ‘download’ option next to your chosen template, you’ll be presented with two choices:
Image of a screenshot of a computer showing how to download powered template
For free slides, you’ll be offered the option to commence with the download, which will require a visible attribution back to PoweredTemplate on the final design, or go premium to remove the necessity of an attribution.
When it comes to premium content and subscriptions, no such options to attribute exist which can help to make the final product appear more professional and less cluttered.
Image of computer screen
You’ll then be presented with your choice of the format that you want your file to be. This will make it more compatible with your preferred program.
Once your download is complete, you’ll be able to upload a fully-functional copy of your template. This will be 100% editable, and many content creators on PoweredTemplate offer a range of different slide formats and options for users to find their ideal content.
Here, you can get to grips with your template, change its central points, and craft a data-driven communications chart that can be far more impactful as an internal message within your company.


What about PoweredTemplate’s pricing structure for subscribers? Fortunately, the platform is extremely flexible when it comes to tending to the needs of businesses and individuals alike in formulating a plan that works for them.
Image of a pricing table for membership prices for powered template online
With typical subscription prices beginning at $19 per month, PoweredTemplate stands as a strong resource for content for businesses that could expect to rely on its templates on a more ongoing basis. For larger-scale enterprise endeavors, there are more robust solutions that could help to secure unlimited access to downloads.
One great solution for users is PoweredTemplate’s intuitive on-demand pricing structure, which offers the choice of redeeming a pre-determined number of downloads over the course of a year, offering greater flexibility.
Communication is essential for ensuring that teams remain on the same page at all times, but this can be difficult to manage when it’s tricky to communicate complex data effectively. With PoweredTemplate, it’s possible to save time and cost by utilizing pre-prepared, expertly designed templates to ensure that everyone remains on the same page at all times.
Banner image credit:  Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

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