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Quicklotz Review: Detailed Review About Wholesale Business


21st Oct 2020 Down to Business

Quicklotz Review: Detailed Review About Wholesale Business

Quicklotz is one of the most popular online wholesale liquidation companies which has a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with liquidation goods. The company has its headquarters in Shelby, North Carolina and has big warehouses in Laredo and Arlington TX. There are multiple reasons why loads of retailers choose to do business with Quicklotz. 

One of the core reasons is that the inventory provided by Quicklotz is massive and includes exclusive stocks which can be a difficult find with other liquidation wholesalers. Lots of small businesses and small retailers like to do business with Quicklotz because of the good customer support that this company provides to its clients.

Quicklotz sells liquidation merchandise which one can buy in bulk. You can buy the merchandise by truckloads, container loads, pallets, and smaller lots. Quicklotz has stocks which have fixed prices that customers can buy online. 

The company also organizes online auctions where customers can bid on merchandise and get attractive deals. The company specializes in a variety of items like electronic gadgets, apparel, furniture and home decor, kitchen appliances, toys, baby products, sports items and many more. The sale is done on a first-come, first-serve basis so there is no promise that you will find the stock you were Interested in. 

What Can You Buy?

Liquidation merchandise for sale are generally quite similar when it comes to bigger liquidation wholesalers like Quicklotz but yes Quicklotz does have some exclusive inventory as well. Quicklotz deals with some of the biggest e-commerce and retail giants like Amazon, eBay and Walmart. You can also expect to see merchandise from other big-name brands such as Costco, General Merchandise, Home Depot and Lowe's. The products are carefully selected to ensure that the retailers can make some good profit. 

To understand what you can exactly expect to get from quicklotz you have to have a good idea about how the liquidation market works. Let's take the example of Amazon. To reduce the delivery time of products Amazon keeps huge stocks of items in its warehouses. 

So, often they overstock items. Other times there are items which do not sell and stay on the shelf costing the company precious storage space. Then there are customer returns which seldom make it back to the shelves. So, these items are sold by Amazon at a lower price to liquidation wholesalers like Quicklotz.

So, you can expect to see a lot of apparel from brands like deer club, Polo, Adidas, puma etc. Next common items will be electronic products, be it gadgets, toys, smartphone or laptop accessories etc. You can also buy kitchen appliances, toys and home decor items like showpieces, designer lamps, maps, etc. You can also buy sports gears like shoes, sweatshirts, track pants etc.

What is a Mystery Box?

The mystery box is something which Quicklotz sells to its customers. It is not entirely exclusive to Quicklotz as other popular and bigger names in the liquidation business have a similar concept as well. So, what can we expect when we see a mystery box from quicklotz? Though it is a mystery and it will be hard to find out what you can specifically expect to gain in the mystery box you can sort of have a general idea. A popular type of mystery box that Quicklotz puts on sale is the Amazon mystery box. So, let's understand what you can get in the box. 

As we have mentioned before Amazon receives millions of customer returns. These seldom make it back to the shelves to be sold again. What Amazon does is sell these items at a cheaper price to liquidation companies. But don't worry most of these items are perfectly in good condition. 

They are returned because the wrong product was delivered or maybe the t-shirt was not the right size. Now, what Quicklotz does is packs all these items in a box and sells them to businesses at a lower price who can then retail these products and make a profit. So, Quicklotz buys truckloads of items from Amazon and then just puts it into smaller boxes and sells it. 

The risk is considerably higher. In a normal liquidation pallet, you may not exactly know what you are going to get but yes you can have a very good idea about it. In a mystery box, it is a complete surprise. But with risk comes huge profit as well. Most of these items are sold to you for as low as 10% of their original value. 

So, if you do get a few good items you can expect to make your money back and more. In many cases, you might get a single good item which can pay for the entire lot! So, this is for the risk-takers. But do not worry the returns are high but you won't be at a complete loss. Just research and you should be fine. 

Why Quicklotz?

Quicklotz is very good for small businesses who are looking to resell items. If you do not want to invest your life savings into your business right away then Quicklotz is a good choice. The live auction enables you to get profitable pallets at attractive prices. 

So, you might not make hundreds of thousands of dollars right away but you can make some profit and get your feet wet into this business. It has got good customer support which can help you with your purchase and help you understand what you can expect to buy. 

Another good point is that you can visit the Quicklotz warehouse and get a feel for the merchandise. The delivery options are flexible as well. You can choose to pick up the stocks yourself. Every merchandise that Quicklotz buys from big retail firms goes through rounds of inspection and categorization. If it is not of any value it will be sent for recycling purposes. Other items are packages and made ready for customers to buy. 

Likes and Dislikes About Quicklotz

We covered the likes i.e. the pros of doing business with Quicklotz in the previous section. Now, let us look at the dislikes or rather the cons of it. 

First of all, most of the cons that exist in the liquidation business can be found in Quicklotz as well. Yes, Quicklotz has taken steps to ensure that the customer is not hurt badly but the liquidation reselling as a concept has some problems. Many times you might end up with a pallet which makes you little to no profit. Also, this market has entered the saturation phase and you might find it difficult to compete with other liquidation retailers.

Another big liability is that you never know what you are exactly going to get. So, you can never be sure about your loss or even your profit. More often than not you will be buying a category of pallets rather than specific merchandise. So, you might buy an Amazon electronics pallet hoping to get something good but might end up with products which seldom sell. Then there's a chance of these products being faulty. So, yes a lot of luck is involved.

So, we suggest you start small. Get your feet wet and slowly gain enough experience to take bigger risks. This way you can get a better ROI.


On the conclusion, it is correct to say that Quicklotz is extremely beneficial because it deals with liquidation goods. Quicklotz not just helps in the dealing but its extension and high quality in customer support has also been one of the greatest factors why one should choose Quicklotz. 

The online auction of Quicklotz is a distinguishable reason why customers really can judge the real market scenario regarding a product. The variety, range and the stock provided by Quicklotz also adds on to it's value as a company. Hence, summing up, Quicklotz is indeed the correct choice when one is looking for a wholesale liquidation company. 

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