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Leo Olsen Guillot reveals his process of building high-converting sales funnels


20th Apr 2021 Down to Business

Leo Olsen Guillot reveals his process of building high-converting sales funnels

He started by repairing broken iPhones at 16. He made his first million dollars when he was only 19. This isn't luck.



It's a result of tremendous hard work, reviewing his mistakes, and working towards achievable goals instead of chasing after money. This is Leo Olsen Guillot's story, the man who is the founder of Olsen Media and Mastermind.com. Today, he is not just a successful entrepreneur. He is also a mentor to entrepreneurs who want to use social media to improve their business's brand reputation. Today, we feel extremely proud to have among us the man himself, Leo Olsen Guillot.

Q: Mr. Olsen, we can't thank you enough for coming to talk to us today. Can you tell us how you started Olsen Media?


A: Firstly, I appreciate your kind words. Thank you for that. And about Olsen Media, I used three tactics: managed ad feeds, used retainers, and most importantly, built sales funnels. I advise most of my clients to pay attention to sales funnels because I believe they can change your company's fortunes. I'm not saying this because it worked for Olsen Media, but because it's a trick that works for almost anyone who wants to make his online business successful.


Q: Why do you think a sales funnel specifically makes such a big difference?


A: It's not about sales funnels alone. Digital marketing is a combination of successful sales funnels and social media marketing. Yes, a sales funnel has a huge impact on your target audience's behavior. If you want to increase your sales volume, there's no substitute to sales funnels. They drive your audience to your site and increase conversions.


Q: What did you target while creating sales funnels for your companies?


A: I focus on four factors: interest, action, decision, and awareness. I think a lead's conversion rate depends on these four factors. And it's not just for my company. I recommend entrepreneurs to keep these four factors in mind whenever they want to build a sales funnel. They represent your audience's mindset. Once you identify their perspectives, you can target those areas to generate leads and convert them into loyal customers.


Q: If sales funnels are so effective, why do you think many entrepreneurs ignore this marketing method?


A: I think a lot of entrepreneurs are impatient. They want immediate success, instant sales. That's not how the industry works. It takes time to build a sales funnel, and it takes some more time to monitor its results. Entrepreneurs are not ready to give that time to their business. My best advice is to consider your startup as a newborn baby. Do you expect your newborn to start walking the day after its delivery? No, you don't. Similarly, you must give your business time to get up on its feet and start walking. Until then, your job is to keep feeding it at proper intervals. The time you invest now will provide significant returns later.


It was lovely talking to you, Mr. Olsen. We hope you will make time for us again, and we can chat about more of your achievements.

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