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Learning from life’s lessons, uncovering the story of Jordan, sports performance specialist


24th May 2021 Down to Business

Learning from life’s lessons, uncovering the story of Jordan,  sports performance specialist

Every profession has its own ups and downs and dos and donts. There are certain things that need to be followed in every sector so as to succeed in it.

Similarly, people having a career in sports need to maintain a healthy and fit life.

The lives of athletes are quite sensitive. They not only play for their careers but also represent their team or state, or country. An athlete carries a lot on their shoulder as there is always too much on the line to lose. One small mistake or injury could end their careers or make the team lose the game. In order to keep up with the expectations, the athletes are required to take care of their health and be extra careful with their diets and workout routines. One such individual who is helping young athletes maintain a healthy and balanced life is Jordan.

Jordan is a professional performance enhancement specialist who focuses on the health of young sportsmen.  With 16 years of experience, he specializes in and emphasizes speed, power, and mobility enhancement. He is popular in his circle to be known as a movement specialist focusing on injury prevention and return to play protocols. Coming from a background of a professional athlete, Jordan had to end his career in his initial days due to a severe injury. This cause motivated to impart knowledge and awareness of injury prevention and recovery in the sports sector.

Making the most out of life’s lemons

Life is pretty unpredictable. One can never know what is there in store for them unless it is unexpectedly thrown at them. Some people drown away in sorrows and are incapable of moving on. At the same time, others learn from it and come out even stronger. Similar was the case with Jordan.  


Born in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and brought up in Columbus in Georgia, Jordan was a sports maniac since his childhood. He played a variety of sports, including hockey, soccer, and martial arts. Since his father was a soccer coach, he would never miss out on practices and would always be on top of his game. Jordan became a skilled player in a very short time. He always knew that he wanted to build a career in sports but was not sure what to do. One instance that he remembers that made me realize that he actually wanted to train others is “My grandfather said ‘Jordi... you do know the human body is the most amazing, beautiful and complex machine ever created?’. At that moment, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and have never wavered since.

Jordan graduated from Auburn University with a Master’s degree in Biomechanics and Human Movement. Before joining DBC, he served as a research assistant for DMC diagnostics. He was one of those bright students who effortlessly managed studies and passion. Simultaneously, Jordan began coaching at the Brookstone school and became the Director of Strength & Conditioning for Team USA handball. He was also the Fitness Director at the Columbus Country Club and offered Sports Medicine and Recovery services at his own Sports Performance facility in Georgia. His professional career ended when he was at his peak. He was one of the strongest and most competitive players on his team, but an injury was all it took to bring him down. He suffered from a fracture and nerve damage in his lower back, due to which he could never return to professional playing.


Instead of setting back and going into an episode of shock and depression as most athletes do, Jordan made this mishap an opportunity to grow in this field. With his career being ended on a premature note, he promised himself to educate athletes on moving properly and taking care of themselves. He would also push the body to physical and mental extremes. According to Jordan, “I have long thought a coach should be a mentor in all aspects of life, and that is what I’ve set out to do.Jordan has professional skills training people in manual stretch therapy, trigger point therapy, and varying degree of mobility work which heavily focuses on the spine. He motivates his trainees to follow his motto, that is, “Do what you do... with all your might.

As this 35-year-old professional went through the phase of ending his career early, he is always driven by the passion for training and developing healthy life routines for youth athletics. He aims to help them grow and reach their potential to the fullest and do not repeat the same mistake that he did that ended his career. With high-spirited individuals like Jordan, aspiring sports personalities have an excellent source to be inspired from.

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