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John Singson – Creating examples for young entrepreneurs

John Singson – Creating examples for young entrepreneurs

Nobody loves a 9 to 5 conventional job. The trend of entrepreneurship is motivating individuals to quit their job and start their own businesses.

It seems very interesting to see the lifestyle of an entrepreneur – no dependency on working on others’ schedules, great work, and social life balance, and a settled future.


But it is only one side of the picture. Nobody looks at the other side of how an entrepreneur becomes successful. The biggest misconception about successful entrepreneurs is that they earn a large amount of revenue, making them richer and grow exponentially in the industry. Every newbie usually has the same school of thought. However, the reality is different from such misconceptions in society. A successful entrepreneur thinks about various things, not just about obtaining profits. They think about maintaining a lifestyle, doing something great for society, and bringing positive change from their entrepreneurship ideas. One such successful entrepreneur is John Singson – a Filipino-American Real Estate Businessman.

Singson received the Businessman of the Year award in 2021, and his name was also lined up in the Top 75 Most Influential Filipino Americans list. His number is #59 on the list. The popularity and fame in the business world did not come because of common business thoughts. Singson thought out of the box and brought great achievements in the real estate business. Today, John Singson is the trust of thousands of families in California for making their real estate dreams come true. Buying a dream house is not easy. It requires a lot of things to consider, including searching for the right property, selecting one out of multiple options, and staying away from scammers. Mr. Singson understands the compromises and hardships of the homebuyers. His company offers efficient real estate services in the cities for all homebuyers. He helps people buy their dream house in an easy way.

Not just the homebuyers but the investors put their trust in his company for investing in the right property. Real estate investors believe that John’s real estate company, Singson Real Estate, guides them to invest and earn maximum profits. John Singson is a well-known entrepreneur for real estate dealers – both investors and homebuyers. John is there to help families fulfill their real estate dreams, whether they want to buy, sell, or invest in the properties.

Singson’s company also offers private hard money loans for homebuyers. People who cannot afford to buy homes can claim for loan or mortgage facility from the company. John understands how it is hard to collect savings and buy a dream house. He aims to help such people through his company’s private hard money loan facility. His aim to be number one and help families fulfill their real estate dreams has made him popular in the industry. John Singson is one of the top business tycoons in California that enjoys the true entrepreneurship lifestyle. He knows how to balance business and entertainment. Mr. Singson lives his life to its fullest.

On December 13, 1991, the Filipino-American entrepreneur was born in the Philippines. He is the grandson of famous Governor Chavit Singson – a political king in the Philippines. John Singson’s family background is strong. The family name Singson might not be popular in the United States. However, everyone remembers the name in the Philippines. Since his childhood, Mr. Singson has been seen in the most extravagant life events anyone wishes for, but he prefers a simple lifestyle as it is his pride and joy. John could continue his grandfather’s legacy and enjoy a perfect life in the Philippines, but he chose to create his own footsteps. He moved to California and started his own real estate company, which made him receive the Businessman of the Year award.

John has got business skills in his blood. Both sides of his parents had a significant business background. They are well-known for establishing any business from scratch. The same entrepreneurship skill was found in Mr. Singson, making him a self-made entrepreneur. Singson’s business has impacted society in several ways. His contribution to the launch of Manny Pacquiao’s NFT art is an example of how he aims to accomplish goals in every industry. Singson’s company collaborated with Ethernity to create and launch Pacquiao’s NFT art. His different mindset in the industry has made him a top-level business tycoon in the city.

John Singson is creating examples for young entrepreneurs who want to make their names in the business world. He is the true inspiration for upcoming business leaders. His journey from a political background to a self-made entrepreneur teaches young entrepreneurs to stay true to their own path.

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