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INVNT - Transforming Brand Potentials


18th Mar 2021 Down to Business

INVNT - Transforming Brand Potentials

Marketing has been around since the beginning of time. It is the art and science of engaging people to create an emotional connection between a brand or organization and its products or services, ultimately fueling growth and furthering innovation. 

Today, there are hundreds of ways to market a product or service.  People are now closer than ever before thanks to technology, and as a result, they have also grown closer to the ones and things they like. The internet, social media, and various other digital platforms have democratized celebrities' lives. People are now more interested in their lives rather than their work as artists. This behavior has made consumers, fans, and loyalists curious about the background story of everything they are associated with.


In today's day and age, people are inclined more towards a brand whose background allows them to connect with the brand on an emotional level. Over the years, this has become one of the most effective ways of marketing for brands. Brand storytelling has become a successful niche, and many branding companies are now adopting it. One company that has made it to the top with its potent brand storytelling talent is INVNT. Co-Founded by Scott Cullather and Kristina McCoobery, this brand storytelling agency was launched in 2008. It provides services that include in-person, virtual, and hybrid events and brand experiences, creative services, traditional and digital media, branded environments, marketing, live brand storytelling, and brand experience.

A creative approach to marketing

A brand storytelling approach enables organizations and their audiences better to understand their services, products, or company. It is not merely sharing the story of the brand's success with the customers but a unique approach to making the message more profound and more meaningful to the target audience. Storytelling is a potent branding tool that cuts through the noise, increases its visibility, and draws more attention to it. These brand stories resonate with the audience emotionally and trigger their psychological drivers and personal values that influence their daily decisions. Scott Cullather, with his brand INVNT, has built a global agency that does the same.

The co-founder of INVNT has brand marketing and storytelling in his blood. Scott Cullather's second job was at his father's agency, Williams/Gerard Productions.  He worked there for more than 18 years and laid the foundation for his business INVNT with his wife and now CEO, Kristina McCoobery. This company is overseen by a parent company launched in June 2020, [INVNT GROUP], which is led by a board of directors, including Scott as President & CEO, Kristina as COO, Paul Blurton as a chief creative officer, Jerry Deeney as the chief client officer, Wolf Karbe as the chief financial officer, and John Wringe as the non-executive chairman.

The aim of INVNT, the live brand storytelling agency and a cornerstone of the [INVNT GROUP], is to establish an attachment between the brand and its customers. The storytelling agency's basic operation is to streamline the initial struggle of the brand and highlight it in such a way that it captivates customers. They create enticing background stories that create a foundation of the brand's relationship with their clients. Kristina McCoobery says, "In recent years, we have seen an increase in brands and organizations wanting to connect with their audiences beyond the 'big event,' and seek out more integrated marketing and messaging strategies."

INVNT recently partnered with General Motors (GM) in 2021 at a renowned technology conference, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to ideate, design, and produce the opening keynote addresses at the event. Keeping the post-COVID situation in mind, Paul Blurton, the chief creative officer of [INVNT GROUP], says, 'Many have dubbed 2021 the year of the hybrid event, and I agree. But my definition of the term is a bit different: it's not just about hosting events for both in-person and virtual audiences, but about continuing the experimentation, creativity, and innovation that exists at the nexus of event, experience, and content.

This forward-looking agency has achieved a lot since their humble beginnings out of Cullather and McCoobery’s apartment in 2008. They have been nominated and recognized by dozens of reputable trade organizations for their services and have won many awards. They won the 'Best Hybrid Event or Live Streaming Solution' at the Event Technology Awards in 2020 for 'Samsung 1H 2020.' They also won the 'Event Company of the Year - Global' at the C&IT Awards in 2020, 'Technology & Telecoms Event of the Year' at the C&IT Awards Americas 2020, 'Event Production of the Year' at The Drum Experience Awards, 'Best Sustainability Award' at the Campaign Asia Event Marketing Awards for TEDxSydney in 2018 and 2019, 'Experiential Agency of the Year' at The Drum Agency Business Awards US 2019, and many more.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Scott Cullather has been guiding INVNT and [INVNT GROUP] at each step. He had been selected for the judging panel of Event Technology Awards (ETA) in 2020, which added value to his already reputable brand. The fact that this company was launched during the recession and has made it to the top is truly commendable and inspirational. It gives the message of,

"Nothing is Impossible if You Believe."

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