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How to create an effective marketing presentation

How to create an effective marketing presentation
Whether you need to present at a conference or pitch your business idea, an effective marketing presentation is a valuable tool. Hence, learning to formulate and create your own marketing presentation is a good skill to develop.
In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process of making an effective marketing presentation. Plus, we will be giving tips on how to ensure that your presentation will never make your audience leave their seats.

A step-by-step process of creating an effective marketing presentation

Creating a marketing presentation helps you to prepare beforehand. By making one, you can have a visual aid while presenting your topic or ideas. Ultimately, an effective marketing presentation will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.
Here is a step-by-step process for creating a great marketing presentation:

Step 1: Determine your target audience

You can create marketing presentations for different purposes. And, each purpose has its own target audience. For example, if you will pitch a business idea, your audience can be your department head or managers.
Or, if you will attend a conference, your target audience can be students or experts in certain fields. Hence, the first step is knowing your target market.
What's important is you know the preferences of your audience. You know what catches their attention, and what makes them bored. With this, you can plan ahead what the general mood and objectives of your marketing presentation have to include.
A good strategy will be reviewing your client's website and looking for their press releases or any update on their products to know their vision and goals.

Step 2: Decide on the medium you will use for the marketing presentation

There are no limits on using a medium for a marketing presentation as long as you deliver your objectives crystal clear. You can utilize slides of PowerPoint presentations or Google Slides for digital marketing presentations.
Take note that if you are going to use a digital method, you can still bring physical aspects to your presentation. Say, a model of the product you are marketing.
You can also use traditional marketing presentation ideas like the use of paper when presenting.

Step 3: Obtain relevant and significant information

Before crafting your marketing presentation, make sure that you gather the most important points you need depending on your purpose. For example, if you are going to present a product, you can show trends in your target market and other additional information.
It is also important that your information is backed with research. Use some statistics relevant to your topic to show professionalism and significance.

Step 4: Have an overall plan for your marketing presentation

Now that you are aware of your target audience and you have the relevant information needed, you need to focus on outlining your presentation. This includes knowing how much time you have, how to keep your audience's attention in your favor, and the overall flow of your presentation.
This also includes ensuring that your materials are ready. Normally, marketing presentations include multiple slides moving, so make sure that they are coherent and in their proper sequence.
You can also keep in check if you will need some tools like a microphone or a laser pointer in presenting.

Step 5: Tell an engaging story

It would be more effective if you will tell an engaging story that can spark your audience's attention in your marketing presentation. Choose a story that is relatable to your target audience.
A personal narrative can do. You can input your own image of the story or have one slide dedicated to it.
This can improve your audience's focus on what you are presenting since they become more emotionally invested in your presentation. Make sure to deliver the story with the right emotions to make it more engaging.

Step 6: Practice makes perfect

Practicing your marketing presentation in a small group can help you become comfortable when the actual presentation happens.
Let them ask you questions about your presentation. You can also ask them questions about their key takeaways so you can be sure that you deliver your key points effectively.
You can start practicing your presentation by talking to yourself in a mirror, then gradually increasing the number of your audience by asking family members or peers.

Tips on creating great marketing presentations

There are multiple marketing presentation templates that you can find online. But, if you want to create your own, equipping yourself with these tips can help you create a powerful marketing presentation.
Tip #1: Catch your audience's attention with a powerful CTA in the first few slides of your marketing presentation
In the first three slides of your presentation, make sure that you have included powerful call-to-action statements (CTA). A CTA is used primarily to encourage the target market to make the next step the marketers want them to take. For example, signing up for the website or following social media accounts.
The first three slides of your marketing presentation are the key parts to include a CTA. It is believed that audiences who go through the first three pages will go through the whole marketing deck.
A CTA can be made through a rhetorical question, famous quotes, relevant statistics, and the like.
Tip #2: Follow a consistent brand positioning
Brand positioning refers to how you want your customer to perceive or remember your business. In doing marketing presentations, it is important that you stick to your brand. This includes the colors, font style, and other visual aspects of your brand.
A strong brand positioning goes a long way. For example, if someone asks you for a brand that has a yellow and red color on it, McDonald's will be the first brand to come to mind. If you want your audience to remember your brand, make sure to be consistent in your branding.
You can easily create your presentation content consistently by making color palettes in Canva, Powerpoint, or Photoshop.
Tip #3: Value proposition
What is the value of your marketing plan? What is its point? This is a question that you have to answer in making your marketing presentation. Finding a common problem and advertising your brand as a solution is a good value proposition strategy to make.
This will help you create a strong point of why they need to agree with you.
Tip #4: Choose your visuals wisely
Visually presenting your ideas is better than putting them in plain words. Also, people tend to recall better what they see than what they have listened to.
Hence, make sure to present your key message using visual elements. This can be in the form of flowcharts or high-quality images.
If you can't find a good visual element, you can break down a long paragraph by using bullet points of minimal ideas.
Make sure to also use minimalist graphic designs throughout the whole presentation. You don't want to overwhelm your audience with an enormous amount of information in just one slide. There are multiple PowerPoint templates that do this, so beware of them.
Tip #5: Utilize videos in your presentation
Another way to ensure that your audience is engaged in your marketing presentation, you can insert videos in your slides. This can make your presentation stand out among the vast majority of marketing presentations that rely on words and images only.
You can also use videos as a way to refresh their minds from the series of information you feed them, especially if you're in conference settings or remote setup.
Tip #6: Relate to your audience through storytelling
In today's world where there are a LOT of good marketers, a good skill advantage is a storytelling. Customers love to purchase a product that they can relate to. Make sure to tell an engaging story backed by research as well.
Choosing real-life examples and personal stories will also catch their attention better. A popular narrative format is called the dramatic arc. This is done by introducing a problem the audience frequently encounters, reaching its climax, then resolving it.
Tip #7: Send a copy of the marketing presentation beforehand
If you are going to present your presentation to your managers or bosses, it will be beneficial to send them a copy beforehand. Through this, you can know their insights into your data, or you can have a context of what to prepare during the actual meeting.
A marketing report includes data and analysis that might take too long to comprehend in just one reading. Hence, sending them the report beforehand helps them to consume the data better during your actual presentation.
If you'll be speaking at a conference, you can send them a blog post version of your presentation for them to read beforehand.
Tip #8: Keep your presentations short and sweet
It is always a good strategy to create each slide as short as possible while ensuring it still makes sense to your audience. A potential customer will not always have the luxury of time to go through a presentation that is too wordy and complicated.
You can create a short and sweet slide by focusing on one highlight only if you are going to present data using a graph. Any additional information that are not significant to the marketing presentation should be avoided to avoid audience confusion.
Tip #9: Avoid using low-quality graphics in digital marketing
Digital marketing is among the latest trends in businesses today. A marketing plan that can be visually accessed across different marketing channels or mobile phones is prioritized nowadays.
Hence, choose high-quality graphics only in creating your digital marketing presentation.
Because of this trend, many people are judging the quality of the brands through the quality of the graphics and how they are presented.
Tip #10: Include only relevant data
Most of the time, we want to put every data on hand in our marketing presentations to make a strong point. Yes, statistics and graphs can make your slides attractive, but always make sure that they are relevant to the objectives of your presentation.
In the same way, avoid including data that are obsolete. If you want to compare relevant data of the business, include those coming from the past three years.
Your audience would not normally care what your business has achieved in 2010, and would most likely focus on your achievement for the past year.
Tip #11: Include a touch of entertainment
You can make your marketing presentation more entertaining by creating memes. This can be in the form of an image or gif. Make sure that all the gifs are of good quality as they can be blurry sometimes.
Your audience will typically relate more to funny and entertaining memes. A source of entertainment can also be through inserting witty wordplay in your slide. However, make sure not to play the words that can cause your key message to get lost in transition. At the end of the day, delivering a crystal clear message is the goal.
Tip #12: Back up your presentation with concrete marketing analysis
If you will face senior management, make sure to include proper analysis in your presentation. This could include about the background of the product you're proposing, current market trends, and forecast figures to predict the product growth. Having these reliable data will make your presentation more professional and effective.
Tip #13: What is your selling point?
Make sure to include a catchy selling point for your brand. This will help you to position your brand better. For example, when you think of the word "Just Do It," the first thing that comes to mind is Nike. Determine your selling point and capitalize on it. It could make a really huge difference in your presentation and how your audience will perceive it.

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