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How serviced apartments make work relocation smooth for families


23rd Jan 2020 Home & Garden

How serviced apartments make work relocation smooth for families

When you first applied for that relocation with work, you probably didn’t really give much thought to how it would work out and if you’d even be chosen. So, what happens when your boss calls you into their office to let you know you’re being relocated?

While excitement is probably the first emotion that hits you, if you have a young family, it won’t be long until the scope of what relocation means starts to sink in.

Even though a relocation can be the best career move for you, it can be very tough for families to go through. This is exactly why you will want to look into what a serviced apartment can offer, and consider this as your new home-base.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

First things first, you may not even be familiar with what a serviced apartment is. These are similar to a hotel booking in that you stay for a certain length of time, but they aren’t a long-term forever solution. They are ideal for people being relocated for a specific amount of time or don’t yet have a permanent residence and want a chance to settle in and get to the know the area first.

With a serviced apartment, you’ll be able to choose how many bedrooms you need, they feature a living space, a private bathroom and, of course, a fully equipped kitchen. They are meant to feel like a home away from home, giving you much more space and conveniences than a traditional hotel room.

Take Advantage of Prime Locations

Besides all the amenities and added space, serviced apartments tend to be located in some of the most in-demand areas of a city or town. This makes it convenient for taking the kids out to local attractions and sights, shopping with them, and even finding family-friendly dining. You aren’t going to have to worry about spending hours commuting in and out of the city-centre. 

Take, for example, Dream Apartments, which has serviced apartments in such hot spots as Newcastle, Liverpool, Belfast, Paris, and Dubai. You'll be in the heart of the city centre action, which could also mean close to work for the parent who has been relocated.

You Can Look Around for Something More Permanent without Stress

Now if your workplace relocation is meant to be a permanent thing, then staying in a serviced apartment will buy you time so you can start to look around for something permanent. You can take that time to research the various schools, neighbourhoods, attractions, and just get a feel for your new home city. In the meantime, the kids can settle into a space that feels comfortable and homey, and not live out of a suitcase.

Easing Some of the Stress from Relocation

There is bound to be stress involved during your relocation, for both the adults and the kids, so finding ways to ease it and make the move as smooth as possible is really the best plan for everyone. With a serviced apartment, you’ll be able to settle in and feel at home instantly, which helps to alleviate some of that stress.

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