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How did Damien Trevatt come up with the idea of starting ungagged


28th Feb 2022 Down to Business

Damien Trevatt is a gem of a leader who started companies like Dot Com Consultancy and Ungagged.

His primary focus has always been on how to improve digital marketing techniques. However, Damien wasn’t satisfied with digital marketing experts' information in their conferences and lectures. He felt they withheld many strategies because they didn’t want others to compete with them. Moreover, these sessions were recorded by the organizers. That made it easier for everyone to reuse the same speeches in other events.

The CEO of Dot Com Consultancy and Ungagged wanted to change this approach. He wanted to become candid with his audience and share tips and advice with other leaders and entrepreneurs so that their businesses would flourish. That gave birth to a new level of digital marketing conference.

Damien’s unique style of conducting conferences

Before conducting his first conference, Damien was clear about one thing - he didn’t want anyone to record his sessions. He believed that once people started recording the sessions, it would restrict him from speaking freely. He felt that this was why other experts were not enthusiastic about sharing their ideas on digital marketing.

His first off-the-record session was a massive hit. It didn’t have any hidden corporate agendas or generic information about digital marketing. He could bypass the typical sales pitches and self-promotional content and focus on what matters the most for internet marketers. His tips became so popular that thousands of entrepreneurs and marketing experts wanted to participate in his conferences.

Damien’s sessions involved not only group lectures but also one-on-one discussions where he listened to the concerns of his audience before providing practical solutions. His sessions covered an extensive range of digital marketing topics, including link building, PPC, SEO, CRO, NLP, influencer marketing, social media marketing, audio-visual marketing, technical SEO, and email marketing.

Interacting one on one with the audience

The biggest reason so many people attend the conferences conducted by Damien Trevatt is that they know that the experts will talk to them one-on-one. With personalized suggestions, entrepreneurs and online marketers know in which direction they should drive their businesses.

When Damien started offering consultation services, he didn’t want to limit his lectures due to the censorship of the organizers. He felt that if the speakers in his team could communicate freely, they would provide better tips to the audience. That is one of the reasons why no one records his sessions.

Most importantly, Damien isn’t one of those speakers who would book an entire auditorium and lecture hundreds of people at one time. Instead, he focuses on one-to-one interaction so that his audience can speak their minds freely. This allows a single speaker to tackle the questions of the audience quickly. The audience also feels comfortable talking within a small group instead of feeling isolated in a hundred people crowd.

His colleagues and clients consider him as an expert for his knowledge and experience in the online marketing industry. He wants to keep helping new entrepreneurs because he feels that his experience can make a difference in their lives.

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