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How adding custom labels to my clothes was a lot less expensive and painless than I thought


6th Jan 2020 Down to Business

How adding custom labels to my clothes was a lot less expensive and painless than I thought

For the last few years I have spent my spare time designing and creating custom clothing and then using an online tool and/or shops to upload the creation and get them printed out.

The only thing that I was never happy with this was the fact that due to using someone else to print the clothing was the very bog standard labels that they come out with normally from fruit of the loom or another base clothes supplier, although for hen / stag night outfits or even the local darts teams tops this is fine, but when I am trying to sell my own brand this really was not acceptable. 

That’s when I started looking at getting my own labels added to the clothes that I was getting printed by other companies, but this usually entails them removing the original aforementioned label then the supplier printing my own labels and sowing them in to the clothing.


Thinking this really isn’t the most cost effective way to go about it that’s when I found Wunderlabel these guys will print your own custom clothes tags for you and then you can do the footwork of adding them to your own creations, they have an easy online tool to upload or design your labels and they are made of the highest quality materials including very plush woven labels


At first I thought this was going to be far more expensive than just getting the company that was printing the clothes to do it, but when I compared the costs it works out it was going to cost me anything from a 3rdof the original quote with the pricing dropping much further on dependence of how many I had printed, even when I priced my time into the equation to sew the labels in to the garment (although to be fair this was more the use of family slave labour to do it) 

The cost roughly broke down for the company to do it about was about £1.78 the cost for me to print and add the labels myself was £0.98 rolling down to about £0.72 so not quite the 3rdI mentioned above but pretty damn close especially when you are not selling in a large quantity it adds an extra % of profit to any clothing I make now and the items I do create look a lot more professional than if I didn’t do it.

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