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Guidance for hair and beauty businesses


25th Aug 2020 Down to Business

Guidance for hair and beauty businesses

If you are a hairdressers and beauty salons, the COVID-19 crisis will have been a source of significant uncertainty. As you reopen, you are likely to have legitimate questions and concerns about the procedures you need to follow to keep your staff and customers safe.

With this in mind, Business Companion, in partnership with the National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF), has published a new bulletin for the health and beauty sector, setting out in simple terms the latest government rules which you will need to be aware of.

Every workplace should adopt practices that minimise the spread of COVID-19 among anyone who comes onto their premises. In the hair and beauty sector this is particularly important, since salons and barbershops bring people into close proximity to one another, often in the area of the head or face – which the ‘highest risk zone’ for spreading the virus. 

The hair and beauty salons and barbershops COVID-19 bulletin includes up-to-date and practical guidance on:

  • conducting a health and safety risk assessment incorporating COVID-19 provisions
  • COVID-19 risk mitigation measures
  • the information you need to give to staff and clients
  • the procedures you should follow around deliveries
  • how you should support NHS Test & Trace
  • best-practice cleaning measures 
  • toilets and washrooms for staff and customers
  • safe use of water systems
  • ventilation, laundry and waste

One of the most important aspects of preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the hair and beauty sector is the correct use of PPE, face masks and face coverings. To support this, the bulletin features an easy-to-follow guide to the 12 things you need to know to get this right.

The bulletin also provides many useful resources and links to further reading, as well as a checklist to keep track of the changes being implemented. 

Following the guidance will help to ensure the safety of everyone who works in and visits salons, giving businesses and consumers peace of mind that they are doing everything they can to protect each other during these difficult times. 

In addition to its industry-specific guidance for the hair and beauty sector, Business Companion has also published more general guidance on the safe use of PPE for businesses, with important information for manufacturers, importers and distributors.

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