Global Analytica lawsuit is about more than branding

A rose by any other name would  still smell as sweet in poetry, but in business, a name is all about branding. Names carry power, and many corporate entities will protect their name by any means necessary. 

One such fight is underway for Global Analytica, a London-based firm that focuses on human intelligence, strategic intelligence and communication. 

Global Analytica works to develop unique security solutions for clients, which may include cyber, personal, physical, digital, business, infrastructure and additional security measures. Global Analytica has become a major security player, taking part in some of the most impressive security operations in the modern world. 

As the Global Analytica name develops into a brand with worldwide dominance, other security companies are taking notice. Such is the case with Oxford Analytica. 

Recently, Oxford Analytica sued Global Analytica, and the legal justification has nothing to do with the company’s business dealings. Instead, it has everything to do with the name.

The term in question is "analytica." While Oxford Analytica is saying that this term is essential to its brand, it is actually a generic industry term, synonymous with analytics. It is hardly unique to either company. 

In fact, neither Oxford Analytica or Global Analytica are the first companies to make headlines with this name.

In 2018, the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke worldwide. Cambridge Analytica was a political consulting firm that illegally harvested personal information from millions of Facebook users for advertising purposes. The scandal raised public awareness of personal data, and it prompted Facebook to dramatically tackle user security.

While Cambridge Analytica did not recover from the scandal, other companies with a similar name were unintentionally indicted in public opinion, including Oxford Analytica. Since then, Oxford Analytica has been preoccupied with protecting its brand at all costs. This is likely one reason why it decided to pursue the Global Analytica lawsuit.

However, this lawsuit could be about more than just the name. Global Analytica and Oxford Analytica exist within the same sphere of competition and by seeking to strip Global Analytica of its name, Oxford Analytica could potentially position itself as the sole contender in the market.

This angle seems more likely when the rise of Global Analytica is taken into consideration. Global Analytica is the younger company, but it still has 20 years of experience, and is gaining substantial traction in the market. Today, Global Analytica has worldwide influence with key positions in Europe. Across the industry, the company is noted for its high levels of professionalism, and its clients are overwhelmingly satisfied with their service.

It stands to reason that Oxford Analytica would perceive Global Analytica as a threat. However, the basis in the lawsuit is lacking. This is not an issue of branding. 

Rather, it is likely a move made by one competitor against the other in an attempt to gain professional dominance. Such tactics are unethical, and Global Analytica is not backing down. Time will tell how this plays out in court. 

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