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Fresh and pure water in your office! 


17th Mar 2020 Down to Business

Fresh and pure water in your office! 

Water is life, we all know that. And in addition to it, water gives us life. Water is essential for a healthy life; indeed, drinking water constantly is necessary to have good health.

Water is needed to have our bodies working properly, only by drinking it constantly we can be in top shape to face our day to day. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a source of fresh and pure water in your office, so every employee can freely access to this vital drink.

For fresh water, Eden Springs is the leading company in Europe in water distribution and the office water dispensers sectors. The company distributes water solutions for business, and has worked with more than 800,000 companies. The result? Vital, hydrated and healthy employees that can work at full capacity.

Quality water dispensers for your office

Fresh and quality water is important in the workplace, so that way your employees will be hydrated, so they can perform better. It is a necessary drink for our body to run at its fullest, something essential for us to be healthy and always vital throughout the days. 

Eden Springs hasworked for more than 20 years bringing potable water solutionsfor all Europe and, as of today, is one of the leading companies in the sector. One of the main reasons of its success is that Eden Springs sells both potable bottled water dispensers and water purifiers, made to clean and improve the quality of water of any building. However, with the company’s water dispensers you will always get fresh and pure water for your laboral environments. 

Bottled water coolers

Bottled water coolers are one of the most popular products of the company. Eden distributes water in recyclable bottles that can be reused up to 50 times. This way the company aligns to what is needed to protect our planet, greatly reducing their ecological impact. Furthermore, Eden Springs potable water comes from the purest springs of the United Kingdom; only natural water sources totally protected from contamination, so this way the company offers 100% healthy water. 

Water purifiers for companies

Water purifiers are another very popular product of Eden Springs. It consist of a machine that filters the water of a building to get rid of bacteria and many other harmful elements; this way Eden ensures, you can enjoy of the most fresh and purest water. This machinery includes an internal filtering system that will greatly improve the quality of water. Using this tool you can always have access to a healthy source of pure water in your office. 

Furthermore, bottled water dispensers and water purifiers can offer either cold water or hot water; so this way, you and your employees can prepare tea and other infusions and also have an extraordinary source of fresh and pure water. 

Eden Springs also offers a great variety of accessories for water dispensers such as: bottle racks, glasses, etc. So, that you can count on a source of fresh and pure water in your office.

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