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Down To Business: The Visual Book

Down To Business: The Visual Book

Reader's Digest spoke to Aisha, founder of multi-media photo album that allows users to record their videos, The Visual Book

RD: How did The Visual Book get started, and how would you best summarise what you offer? 

We live in a world where we are constantly taking videos, and because I am constantly creating videos with my family and friends, creating timeless memories, I wanted to find an elegant, stylish and beautiful way to showcase them and make them last, just as I do with my photo albums.

"I wanted to find an elegant, stylish and beautiful way to showcase my videos and make them last"

I offer customers the opportunity to create memories in a video book for their loved ones. No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is needed, so it’s a great gift option for anyone.  

RD: You  studied Business Management and Economics at University; how did this  experience set you up for what you do now? 

Learning business management really did help me understand what it takes to make a business run. While finishing my last year during a global pandemic (Covid-19), I learned the value of adaptability and flexibility, which has greatly aided my problem-solving abilities when serious difficulties arise. 

Aisha, founder of The Visual Book

Aisha, founder of The Visual Book

RD: How  does your work compliment your personality? What are the core values that  drive you?  

I am friendly and enjoy meeting new people, which undoubtedly reflects on my customer relationships. I always do my best to please every client, which results in my making friends. I've formed many connections and strong ties with my customers. 

RD: What does a typical workday look like for you?  

I normally begin my day by praying, then responding to emails and speaking with my mother. I’ll then move on to sorting out orders, which can take hours depending on the length of videos. There’s also checking social media, responding to messages—and remembering to take breaks for meals! 

RD: What are your favourite and least favourite  parts of your job?  

Watching other people's uploaded memories definitely improves my mood and makes me feel better overall, I get extremely satisfied knowing that I help customers to relive their special memories.

Capture your most previous memories with The Visual Book

Capture your most precious memories with The Visual Book

To tell you the truth, the legal and finance side of the business is my least favourite element of it, but I try to read a book, study or focus on my business strategies if I’m feeling stressed.  

RD: What has been the most valuable business  lesson you’ve learnt so far? And your most tangible  achievement?  

The most essential lesson I've learned is to always follow my instincts, and to always find a positive light in any unpleasant situation.

"The most essential lesson I've learned is to always follow my instincts"

I believe that shows in my greatest accomplishment; I have done so much in just three months of launching, while also studying for my Master’s degree. My multitasking abilities have significantly increased!

RD: In five years’ time, where would you like to  see yourself?

I'd like to see my company develop and be sold in retail stores all over the world. I want my brand to be known as the number one brand that helps people in creating and cherishing memories. Personally, I’d also love to envision myself married and, ideally, with a child.  

RD: If you  weren’t in this line of work, what other career would you love to have? 

Having grown up in a developing nation, I am highly passionate about global economic growth and development. If I wasn't working in this business, I'd like to be a part of a United Nations committee that helps under-developed countries thrive, as it is closely related to what I studied in my master's degree, Applied Economics and International Development. 

RD: One  last question; if you could capture just one of your own memories in this form,  what would it be? 

What I like about my books is their storage capacity; with 4GB–8GB available, so many memories may be stored in a single book.

Create a family album

The Visual Book is a great souvenir for loved ones

But if I could only choose one, it would be of my father. I lost him when I was three, so I would definitely want to get all of his pictures and have everything in one book, including videos of him that my mother saved. Just something special I can show my children and remind myself of how proud he would be if he was here with me. 

Find out more about The Visual Book here

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