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Diversity training: The shape of things to come


21st Sep 2022 Down to Business

Diversity training: The shape of things to come

Businesses have a crucial role to play in leading the changes that society needs to see regarding diversity and inclusion.

Whatever the size of the organisation, every business will need to have a strong diversity policy with inclusiveness at its heart. A cornerstone of that policy will be the equality, diversity and inclusion training they provide. And it will have to be truly meaningful, compelling, and immersive to be effective.  

Yet, it can be very difficult to get this right. Many businesses, large and small, can grapple with how to accomplish this in the best way. Corporate social responsibility is becoming an increasingly important factor in a company’s success. But to communicate your values to your partners and customers, this process needs to come from within. Therefore, any EDI training needs to be authentic: something staff will understand and embrace.

However, despite the best of intentions, EDI training can often fail to engage staff. Too often, employees end up spending a day on a course watching the clock or worrying about other tasks they could be doing. When the training ends, they’ve learned little, and rush back to their desks to answer the emails they’ve missed or return missed calls.

This is the reason My Cultural Experience has been created.

What is My Cultural Experience?

My Cultural Experience is a completely engaging, interactive and authentic diversity and inclusion training package. Sensory engagement is the driving ethos, with all 5 senses being activated. Play enlightening, educational and fun games and listen to cultural music. Touch, smell and taste traditional African and Caribbean products and delicious foods. Watch a powerful, eye-opening, and compelling 45-minute presentation on Black Britain.


With the truly immersive My Cultural Experience EDI training package, no more will employees sit feeling bored and unengaged. The package will entertain, educate, inspire and bond your team in an enjoyable and fun way.  

Building the workplaces of the future

With the right diversity policies and great training come the most modern and best work environments. When key values such as inclusion and respect are promoted, issues like bullying and discrimination are met head on and eliminated. There are many studies which have shown that organisations with best EDI practices are not only happier and more harmonious environments but are more productive and profitable businesses too.

An easy and smart route to boosting EDI practices in your organisation is by placing key diversity events at the centre of your activities. By marking and celebrating events like Mental Health Week, Black History Month and Pride Month, you’ve got a natural place to engage your team and promote dialogue. These are the first steps to helping employees understand and embrace inclusive values.

Now’s the time to start!

With Black History Month coming in October, there is no better time to begin promoting positive change in your organisation with immersive and memorable diversity training. With a My Cultural Experience package, you’ll be able to create a wonderful space to discuss and explore race and identity.

Secure a My Cultural Experience Diversity and Inclusion Training Package at only £299 + VAT today and champion diversity and highlight inclusivity in your organisation.

Our founders


My Cultural Experience has been created by Justina and Max Lambert. The husband-and-wife team run a portfolio of successful businesses in Kent. The black entrepreneurs are also very involved in community leadership. They run the DACC – ‘Dartford African Caribbean Community’ – a support group for local black and mixed-race people.

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