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diib - Why search engine optimization is no longer a hassle!


4th Dec 2020 Down to Business

diib - Why search engine optimization is no longer a hassle!

A few decades ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Augmented Reality (AR) were termed as the ‘technologies of the future.’ Today, these have become an integral part of every industry. From extensive automation in the manufacturing industry to the use of predictive analytics in the corporate sector, every field in this world is under a strong influence of technology – paving the way for a digital transformation. Gradually, the nations all across the world are embracing this strategy to come out as a dominant entity on an international stage. 

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way the world functions. It is bringing convenience to the lifestyles of people. Even establishing businesses from scratch has become less of a challenge. Setting up digital companies is much easier as compared to laying the foundation of a traditional business. While on one hand, the transition into the digital landscape has helped aspiring entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams, on the other hand, it has added to the competitiveness of the market. The reason is the rise of ‘digital’ companies.

To succeed in this competitive digital landscape, marketers have named Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the most powerful tool. Unfortunately, it is a digital marketing technique that requires one to invest their time and effort into it, something most business owners cannot do. 

Thanks to the tech-expert Daniel Urrman, small business owners now have diibThis tool was created, especially for budding entrepreneurs who do not have the time to understand what SEO is. The company, based in Salt Lake City, was launched to address the complications that come with SEO and give all small-scale setups to boost their visibility online through this super effective digital marketing technique. 

Changing the SEO game for small businesses

diib was created in 2012 as a conventional digital marketing agency. Urrman, the founder and CEO of the company, established the agency to help small businesses increase their digital visibility while cutting down the costs and expenses of marketing. He then directed his efforts to create a SaaS model. Three years later, he came up with diib, the software, with the mission to turn complex data into simple answers that help small businesses growFrom then on, diib has helped more than 200,000 small businesses in enhancing their online visibility by acquiring a top rank on SERP.

One of the most crucial factors that can significantly affect a website's ranking on SERPs is the backlinks. The right backlinks convince the crawlers that the site holds value for the users, leading to a high rank on the result pages. On the other hand, using the wrong backlinks can get a website penalized and even banned on Google in the worst-case scenario. The data platform, diib, plays a powerful role when it comes to backlinks. It calculates the spam score of a website, enlists the broken or spammy links, and provides instructions to small business owners on how they can get rid of these backlinks. It is a powerful feature that can assist small businesses in improving the quality of their website resulting in dominance on the SERP. 

Search engine indexing is a process through which web pages are added to Google search. diib is a Software as a Service (SaaS), data management platform, and SEO service website that helps small businesses with this as well. It lets users see which pages of their site are indexed by Google and the ones that have been blocked. A webpage not indexed on Google search will not appear in the results when a relevant search query is made on the search engine. 

Enhancing website health 

Website health is dependent on several factors, including security, page speed, domain authority, the strength of link network, social media presence, Google My Business profile (which gets businesses listed on Google Maps), and the use of relevant keywords. SEO largely depends on keywords, and diib helps small businesses select and show up for the most effective keywords. It assists small businesses in analyzing the keywords they are using and evaluates their significance. In addition, it displays the details about its rank in Google searches, including both local and global searches. Small businesses can carry out keyword research and then use diib to ensure that they are choosing the appropriate keywords.

Diib allows small business owners to keep track of all the crucial factors in SEO by giving them results-producing insights. These insights are generated by working in coordination with Google Analytics. Along with that, diib offers another feature, which enables small business owners to detect spammy backlinks. These links can lead to a drop in a website’s search engine rank. 

Diib has five components, which make the working of this software platform impeccable. These include diib Dashboard, Diib Answer Engine™, Diib website analytics, diib Library, and diib Tracker. These components work together to provide small businesses with a chance to address the common mistakes they are making with their SEO. Most of the services on the platform are free. But for anyone who is interested in learning more tricks and tips for boosting SEO, a purchase of the software’s subscription is required. 

The vision through which the tool was created is continually being proven, as it has seen a massive surge in the number of users over the past few years. It is justified to refer to diib as a holistic solution for small businesses in this competitive digital world. While it easily syncs with Google Analytics to provide invaluable insights into a site’s performance on a SERP, it also works with Google My Business and Facebook. These two are an integral part of a small business’s digital success. The SaaS model that has been designed to make digital growth accessible to all small businesses provides instructions on what to post on GMB as per the trends and also gives instructions on how companies can improve their social media presence. Therefore, diib does not only help small businesses increase their SEO rankings, but it also contributes to the overall success of the company. 

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