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Can you still have company culture with field workers?


8th Nov 2021 Down to Business

Can you still have company culture with field workers?

The term company culture has gained a lot of attention in recent years. Brands in virtually every industry can attract better talent, deliver excellent customer experiences, and improve profits when they get their culture strategy right.

. However, despite the growing interest in culture as a business concept, there are still many companies who don’t understand how to utilize it.

This issue is particularly common among business leaders managing a remote team, or a number of distributed field workers. Despite common belief, there’s more to company culture than having casual Fridays at work and making sure your staff members feel comfortable in the office. You can also embed a sense of culture into people outside of the office too.

Start with communication and bonding

Company culture refers to the overall experience of working with or for your business. It’s something you can influence with a number of different factors, from your approach to recognition and employee feedback, to how many benefits you offer your staff. One of the most important things influencing how employees feel in the workplace, of course, is how well they can communicate with their colleagues.

The better the interaction between your teams, regardless of where they are, the more connected and aligned the business feels. Communication inspires bonding, and helps to improve buy-in from your staff. For your remote and field workers, make sure it’s easy to get involved with team meetings through video and audio conferencing tools. Keep staff located outside of the office up to date on what’s happening in the business, and make sure everyone feels like they’re a part of the team.

Enable better management with the right tool

After communication, the second most important thing you’ll need to ensure a good company culture with a field-based workforce, is a good management strategy. Business supervisors and leaders need to be able to direct, engage, and support staff wherever they are. This means having access to the right technology. In the fleet landscape, the technology you need will range from tachograph management tools for registering driving and rest times for teams, to fleet management tools.

Tachograph technology can be particularly valuable for creating a sense of consistent trust in the business. Not only can you check your employees are operating as they should be, but you can keep an eye on their safety when they’re driving long distances too. The key to success is to remind your employees that all the technology you’re using is for their benefit. Even if you’re trying your staff, let them know you’re doing so to keep them protected, and offer plenty of positive feedback for employees who meet expectation sin terms of performance.

Culture can happen anywhere

Company culture isn’t something reserved entirely for in-office environments where employees can interact in the same place every day. A good company culture can happen in any kind of business, all you need is the right strategy, technology, and vision to start bringing everything together. Remember, pay attention to the feedback you get from your employees, as they can help you to see whether your strategies are working as well as they should be.

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